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One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four… And Five


Found this meme through Angie, Janice and Nomes and since I don’t have any posts lined up for today, I thought I’d do this quick meme to let you guys know what I’ve been reading lately. I promise I’ll come up with reviews soon. 🙂 I’m still experiencing a vacation hangover and I’d rather be lazy than do anything productive.

1. Book I am currently reading: The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry, which I won in an ebook contest held by MangoJuiced. I’ve been wanting to read this for a while so thank you, MangoJuiced, for giving me a copy. I’m only 20% in but I’m liking it so far. I’m reading this on the Kindle Boyfriend. Even though I left Kindle Boyfriend at home during the weekend (didn’t want to risk it getting damaged at the beach), I didn’t start on anything else while I was away so I can just continue reading this one.

2. Last book I finished: The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope – I bought my copy of this back in 2007 and I finally got to read it! I’m hoping to review it in this week’s Retro Friday meme.

3. Next book I want to read: The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, which was my most recent Want Books pick. Read these reviews from Angie and Holly and you’d understand why I can’t wait to read this book.

4. Last book I bought: Wonderstuck by Brian Selznick – I couldn’t help but grab a copy when I saw it in a local bookstore. I know this one will be a quick and enjoyable read because of all the illustrations mixed in with the text and I’m hoping to read it soon.

5. Last book I was given: Same answer as number 1.

What about the rest of you, what are you reading lately? If you answered the same meme, feel free to leave a link in the comments section.


Author: Chachic

Welcome to Chachic's Book Nook! I'm a Filipino book blogger currently based in Singapore. My blog features all sorts of books that I read from various genres (fantasy, contemporary romance, young adult fiction). Click on About Me to learn more and check out my Favorite Books page for a list of books that I love. Thanks for dropping by! Chachic /ˈtʃɑːtʃɪk/ is pronounced with hard “ch” sounds. The first syllable is pronounced like the dance cha-cha while the second syllable is like chick (baby chicken).

11 thoughts on “One Book, Two Book, Three Book, Four… And Five

  1. I recommend a ziplock for Kindle Boyfriend if it is anywhere near water. Maybe one of the ones with the airtight zip seals. Ah vacation hangover. Sounds nice! I really need a vacation! OK, I think working last weekend is just making me YEARN for a vacation pretty badly this week, but I started planning what I want to do for Thanksgiving.

    • I wanted to try ziplock! But then I asked my friend who also has her own Kindle Boyfriend if that’s a good idea and she said it might be too risky. She has a waterproof case that I could have borrowed but we couldn’t meet up right before my trip.

      Weekend work will make you hungry for vacation time! But then again, Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away so I guess it’s okay that you’re already planning for it. Wish I could go to the States once during Thanksgiving so I’d get to experience it.

  2. I think I missed how you actually call it Kindle Boyfriend because I totally would’ve said HAHAHAHA a lot earlier. OMG I love that! ❤

    Also, I won The Scorpio Races! So I'm still doing nicely with my book buying ban, thank you, but YAY so excited to read it!

    And of course, Selznick! WOOT!

    • LOL I think I’ve mentioned it on the blog and Twitter several times before? It’s what my friend and I call our Kindles. I remember when I texted her that I got mine, she replied with “Your boyfriend has arrived!” and since we’re still single, the name stuck. 😛

      You won The Scorpio Races? Lucky you! Let me know what you think of it when you get to read it.

  3. Hooray for Wonderstruck! I’m curious about The Scorpio Races though. I did enjoy Ballad, which is the only Stiefvater that I’ve ever read.

    • I’ve read Lament, Ballad and Shiver and I enjoyed reading all three (more than other YA paranormal romance novels out there) but I didn’t fall in love with them. I’ve seen mixed reviews of The Scorpio Races so I really don’t know what I’ll think of it.

  4. I’m so excited to hear what you think of all of these! This is a fun meme. I’ll have to do it sometime.

    • I’m so excited to finish reading all of the books that I mentioned too. 😛 It’s a fun and easy meme to do and perfect for someone like me because I haven’t prepared any posts lately.

  5. this is a great meme, isn’t it? and a fun and easy post. i will prob use it again (although i do not like the meme title… 😉 )

    I am thinking about getting the scorpio races as well. it is not my usual read but a lot of people have me intrigued about it.

    • It really is a good meme and something that you can repeat after a couple of months. But yes, the title isn’t that nice.

      I’ve actually seen mixed reviews of the book in Goodreads but I think the positive feedback outweigh the negative so I’m still curious.

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