A Little Bit of Nonsense

I haven’t been able to get a lot of reading done the past couple of days because I haven’t been feeling well. But I’m still behind on my reviews so I hope I can work on those and come up with posts within the week. Anyway, I was catching up on some episodes of The Big Bang Theory and look what turned up in their show:

Photo from Valyrian Steel. They’re geeking out over a model of Jon Snow’s sword from the Game of Thrones. I think it’s awesome when there’s an overlap, even a minor one, between two of the shows that I watch. I love The Big Bang Theory, it’s such a geeky and nerdy show and I think it’s hilarious. Another show that makes me laugh is The Modern Family, and here’s Alex with a little bit of something that I know we can all relate to:

Photo from Tumblr, click on the image to see the GIF properly. Just wanted to talk about these shows briefly and ask if you guys watch them too? If not, what are the TV shows that you think are great? Maybe I’ll have time to check them out when the TBR pile lets me.

21 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Nonsense

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Chachic. I hope you feel better soon! BBT is my favorite show, hands down. “If we’re going to start a fantasy sword collection, and I’ve long thought we should…” LOL. Big Bang marathons are one of my favorite activities during a weekend home alone. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Terri! I haven’t seen the latest episode yet but they say the sword is now a permanent fixture in their apartment. πŸ˜› They should buy more medieval swords from fantasy movies and TV shows. I know, BBT marathons are the best. Sometimes, I try not to watch the episodes right away so I can let them pile up.

  2. BBT is my favorite show that is still being broadcast. I have to watch it streaming because we do not have satellite or cable where I live.

    My favorite line is “I’m not crazy. My mama had me tested.”

    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are among my favorite shows as well! They are guaranteed to make you feel better. BBT is definitely a geeky show with lots of references to stuff like comic books, video games, Star Trek, Indiana Jones etc. I haven’t watched that episode with a sword yet. I think the last show I caught is the one where Leonard escorts Amy to a wedding. Modern family is equally hilarious. (I can’t believe how big lily has gotten!) I’m rambling. Sorry. I better look up schedule of reruns for these shows. πŸ˜›

    Feel Better Chachic! πŸ˜›

    • Yes, it’s funny because BBT is both geeky AND nerdy. So the characters are really smart individuals but they also geek out about comic books and video games. I actually don’t get all of the references but I still find the show hilarious. πŸ˜€ The episode with the sword was last week’s episode. Do you watch Game of Thrones as well?

      They changed the actress who plays Lily because they wanted her to start speaking and I heard that the twins who used to portray Lily got stressed out with acting. Too bad because I thought they were really cute!

      • I haven’t had a chance to watch Game of Thrones. I want to read the book first before watching it, I’m like that sometimes. πŸ˜› But with my TBR I don’t think it’s possible and I’ve been hearing good things about it so I think I’ll make an exception. Besides it’s Sean Bean (he was an excellent Boromir in LOTR and I think he will play the king on an upcoming Snow White movie. Did you also know that there will be two Snow White retelling movies? :P).

        I agree, the baby Lilys were really cute! I wish my niece is as behaved as the twins are. But I must say, the speaking Lily adds comedy to the new season of the show.

      • I’m usually like that with most movies or TV shows, I’d rather read the book first before watching them but not with this one. I’ve seen the reviews on Goodreads and I don’t think they’re for me even though I enjoyed watching the episodes. He kills off way too many characters for me to get properly involved in the story.

        I’ve heard about the Snow White retelling! One of those will have Kristen Stewart (argh), right?

        LOL children are not as well-behaved in person as they are on TV! But yeah, you have a point, Lily’s lines bring more humor to the show as a whole.

  4. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well lately, Sweets. Hopefully you’ll get a card or something in the mail that may make you feel better. =)

    I didn’t know you were a BBT fan! I should talk about television on Twitter more often (or just talk more in general on Twitter, I suppose). I love that show so hard! It’s rare that I love all the characters on a show so much, but I absolutely do with BBT. The writing is SO funny and smart! When Penny picks up that one video game during the first season (or was it the second?) and ends up eating cheeto out of her hair? One of my favorite episodes! And Sheldon is a trip! He’s one of those characters though, if I knew a Sheldon in real life, I would not be able to handle that. At all.

    • I would love to get a card in the mail! πŸ™‚ I actually got one from Prague last week, sent by a friend who was there on vacation.

      That’s why I wanted to make a post about it here on the blog – I had a feeling a lot of other blogger friends are into the show. I love the characters in BBT too, I think they’re well-developed. And yes, the writing is really smart and funny. I have a feeling all the nerds and geeks in the world will be able to relate to the show. LOL I remember that episode! When Penny got addicted with a video game. Oh I know what you mean about Sheldon, he’s hilarious on TV but you wouldn’t really want to be friends with him.

  5. I remember watching BBT when it first came out, same way I did with How I Met Your Mother. And then I just kept getting more and more behind in terms of episodes… 😦 Nice sword. Although I find it a bit disturbing to see Legolas and Gandalf apparently looking on while Princess Leia strangles Jabba the Hutt… Xp

    • I think I started watching both at the same time. I’m thinking of giving up HIMYM though because the storyline isn’t that good anymore, I want them to introduce the mo already! But BBT is still awesome so I hope you can catch up with the latest episodes. πŸ™‚ I found it hilarious that they were other geeky stuff included in that display.

  6. I just started watching Big Bang Theory a couple of weeks ago (I started from the first season) and I can totally see myself geeking out over this show from here on out. I absolutely adore this show. Sheldon and Raj are my favorites, between the two of them, I stay in a fit of giggles throughout each episode.

    Some of my favorite scenes are between Sheldon and Penny, the way that Sheldon knocks on Penny’s door, the way that he belittles everything about her and the way that Sheldon is always makes my day. I’m finishing up Season 4 and I’ve DVR’d all of this season so I’m kind of savoring the show right now but man do I love it. You know, I would really love it if Sheldon and Penny ended up together, oh man that would be something. Or Penny and Raj, that would be a hoot!

    So bleeping good.

    • Lucky you, you get to marathon all of the episodes! I did that back in season two or three, I think? I remember I didn’t start watching this until the first couple of seasons was done. Sheldon and Raj are both hilarious, I love their characters too.

      I know, it’s funny how Sheldon has to knock the same way all the time. LOL I don’t think it would work if Sheldon and Penny ended up together. I kind of like Penny with Leonard.

      Hope you enjoy catching up with the rest of the episodes! πŸ™‚

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