Signed Copies – How much are you willing to pay for them?

I love signed copies but it’s not to easy to get them here in the Philippines. Only a handful of authors go on tour and include our country in their schedule. I think the only signing by a foreign author that I’ve attended was Neil Gaiman’s and he goes here quite often. The only other foreign author I’ve met in person was Sherwood Smith when I attended a joint meet up for members of the LJ communities Sounis and Athanarel when I was in the States in 2009. I wasn’t able to ask her to sign all of my copies of her books because most of them were back here but I had a lovely time because it was just a small group so we actually got to sit down and chat about so many things. I didn’t have a blog back then but I guess if I did and I was more active in following authors through social networks, I would have been able to meet more of them. Sigh, maybe the next time I go there?

I got my Megan Whalen Turner signed copies from Mysterious Galaxy, where I ordered the books and MWT was kind enough to go to the store and sign them. I believe that I can do that for some of my other favorite authors as well but since I live all the way over here, shipping usually costs just as much as the books. So I have to pay double to get signed copies. This got me thinking if the rest of you readers out there are willing to shell out that amount to obtain autographed copies of your favorite books? We have to admit that in our bookish world, authors are rock stars, and it would be cool to have a copy of a book that they actually held in their hands while signing their name on it. It’s just that it makes me sad that I have to spend so much for them. I mean if there were book tours and events for authors that I love over here, I’d gladly attend them. I think that kind of situation would make more sense for me instead of just ordering signed books online because there would be an experience tied with it. I’d have memories of seeing those authors in person and spending seconds, or even minutes, in their presence. Or maybe that’s just how I feel right now because I’m still trying (emphasis on TRYING) to cut back on book expenses. Heck, if I won the lottery anytime soon, I’d buy all the signed copies that I can and give some of them away here on the blog.

So now I want to know, are you willing to spend extra (double or maybe even more) to get signed copies of your favorite books? Or would you rather attend an event and have your personal copies signed there or purchase signed copies from the store? Let me know what you guys think!

23 thoughts on “Signed Copies – How much are you willing to pay for them?

  1. I luckily found my signed books in secondhand book stores. I’m hoping to find more in the future! So I’m not splurging money when I’m meant to find one on bargain bins πŸ˜› And for local authors and comic artists, I attend their launch or Komikon πŸ™‚

    • Oh wow, lucky you! What were the signed books that you unearthed in used bookstores? Wish I could be that lucky too. I rarely even find books that I’m interested in, let alone signed copies.

      I attend local events for Filipino authors too whenever I can or if I’m interested in reading their work. πŸ™‚

  2. No, I’m not willing to spend a lot of money for signed copies. I prefer to attend and have it signed on the spot, so that it would be very memorable πŸ™‚ But.. authors rarely visit the Philippines. u__u

    • It really is hard to shell out money for signed copies unless you REALLY want them, right? I like attending signings in person but we have so few here in the Philippines. Let’s hope that the situation will change soon. πŸ™‚

  3. I’d rather get a personally signed copy – but then the authors rarely show up in Germany – at least the ones I like ^^.

    I have found that charitable auctions online, where authors offer personalized books of theirs, work quite well AND I can give some money for a good cause.

    But nothing will beat Sartorias’ acknowledgement of my (actually tiny) bit of help with German in Blood Spirits ^^. My online persona has now been immortalized officially *grin*

    • You can get the ones that you order online personally signed as well. I just wasn’t able to do that for the MWT books because I wasn’t able to reply right away because of the time difference.

      LOL so funny that you mentioned auctions! I actually decided to write this post because of Robin McKinley’s most recent auction. I wanted to order a personalized copy of one of her books but the shipping was expensive so I ended up not getting anything. Now I’m starting to regret it. 😦

      Sherwood is so nice! That IS awesome and if I were you, I’d get multiple copies of that book and maybe have one of the pages framed. πŸ˜› She mentioned you as Estara?

      • Yes ^^ – as Estara Swanberg, which has been my online persona since 2000 after all. I was so surprised! I really just gave some tips and, if I remember correctly, answered one direct e-mail query about some German sentence construction.

        I bought the e-book first, but I’ll definitely buy a hardcover now. I wish I had more English reading friends around here, then I could give the duology as presents, heh.

      • Chachic has been my online persona ever since. LOL and it’s my ream nickname too. I know, I remember you talked about that for a bit in Goodreads and it was really exciting news.

        Too bad I don’t live in Germany! You could give me a copy then and you can put your signature on top of where your name is mentioned. πŸ˜›

      • Hah – I thought it might be some game software platform – realm ^^. That’s cool! I never got a real nickname of my own… until I was in university and then it was just for a few years there.

        But this one actually is from the only mmorpg I played for any length of time – and then adopted for the rest of the internet when I’m doing non-job related stuff here.

      • Filipinos love nicknames! Most of us over here have nicknames. I’m Chachic online but I use my real name when it comes to work.

        I thought Estara was your real name. It sounds pretty nice actually. But it’s good that your name is consistent all throughout the interwebs, makes it easier to recognize you.

      • Yes, I quite liked it when I picked it – I wanted to have the meaning star mixed with Esther and female. The surname is from my marriage (yes there was a mmorpg in 2000 where you could already get married) to Arne Gustaf Swanberg.

        That mmorpg basically was my entry into internet community and the people there led me to LiveJournal and various other places. So my LJ (hardly ever used) ended up as Estara and then I decided to just be that persona wherever I went with similar interests (in fantasy, films, books, manga, anime).

        These days my real name shows up on the school website I work at, and not much otherwise – I usually spend my non-working internet time as Estara.

        I think in general Germans are fine with nicknames, but they’re very small-group of friends based. Your average teenager will be known by their first name.

  4. I can do both! I’m willing to pay extra as long as it’s a sure thing I get a signed copy of a book from my favorite author. I’m also willing to travel and attend an event to have my personal copy signed by my favorite author just what we did during the visit of Neil Gaiman …be among the first to buy the book for a slot to have it signed. A letdown for me is the forthcoming Nicholas Sparks visit wherein getting a guaranteed Signing Pass will be thru a Raffle Draw. But then, I’m lucky in raffle draws so I hope I’ll be among the 650 winners. Lately, he was giving away 20 signed copies of his new novel to fans anywhere in the world by just entering in a contest and uploading one photo of yourself with your Nicholas Sparks book collection. Well, I have all his books except for the new one, but I totally forgot about the giveaway! In short, I’m getting old —things should be easy peasy for me now but then again as what you’ve said β€œ it would be cool to have a copy of a book that they actually held in their hands while signing their name on it”

    • You know, what they did with the Neil Gaiman signing was pretty unusual already. I think that in the US, it’s just usually first come, first serve? Or all who go there get their copies signed. Looks like the Nicholas Sparks signing is going to be an even bigger thing! Good luck with that and I hope you get a signing pass. πŸ™‚ I’m not really a fan so that’s one less reader you have to worry about.

  5. OMG, look at MWT’s beautiful handwriting!

    The one time I’ve had books signed was when I went to Teen Book Con earlier this year, but that’s about it. I haven’t had books sent off to have signed, and I haven’t ordered books that were pre-signed. Man I feel like openly admitting this on the internet means I have to give up my book-lover card or something!

    • I know, pretty, right? Sherwood Smith’s handwriting is really beautiful too. Wait, let me look for the picture and upload it… Here:

      I haven’t sent off books to have signed, that’s even more expensive that buying books pre-signed! Yes, Capillya, you have to give up your book-lover card now. Unless you want to make up for lost time, forget your book buying ban and start ordering signed copies as fast as you can.

  6. It’s a shame that authors don’t usually come to the Philippines; and when they do, they hardly stop by here in Cebu, it’s always Manila that gets all the attention. *le sad sigh*

    I’m willing to pay more than the usual price, but not double! If I had the funds I would probably be willing to shell out more. Though, I’d kill to get my hands on a signed copy of Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander the 20th year anniversary edition.

    • Aww sorry I didn’t even mention that most foreign authors just have tours here in Manila and they don’t stop by the other areas in the country. But overall, we can be sad together because only a handful of authors make it here anyway.

      I get what you mean, sometimes, you’re just willing to spend extra for that one special book (or books). And that’s why I ordered those MWT signed copies. I even ordered an extra set and gave that away on the blog last year.

  7. I’m ok with spending a little extra to be able to attend a book signing but I’m not willing to shell out a lot to order a signed book online. Like what you said, a signed book only becomes meaningful to me if it has an experience attached to it – even if it’s just basking in the presence of the author.:)

    I do still have several books that I bought already signed, but I didn’t have to spend extra for them.:)

    • Yeah, I guess I was willing to do that because it was MWT’s books. I really don’t know why I changed my mind about ordering signed copies online, maybe I’m just not willing to spend almost double for them? I have a feeling that if shipping wasn’t that expensive (and I wasn’t scared that they’d get lost in the mail), I’d probably own more signed copies.

      Really? What were those books that you bought already signed? Some indie bookstores in the States do that and I’m actually jealous that signed copies are easier to acquire over there.

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