Shoot That Book: Reading by the Beach

Shoot That Book combines my passion for books and my tendency to become trigger happy with a camera. My lack of photography skills is compensated by my enthusiasm. Basically, I like taking pictures of books.

I just realized that I haven’t posted a lomo picture in any of my Shoot That Book posts so here’s one taken in a beach in Zambales using my Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim camera. Film used was either a Kodak Elitechrome or Fuji Sensia and it was cross-processed. I love reading whenever I go to the beach although I can’t remember what was the book that I was holding when this picture was taken. I usually take chick lit or light and fun novels with me when I go on vacation so it would be easy to fall into the story. What about the rest of you, do you bring books with you when you travel? What kind of books do you bring with you?


4 thoughts on “Shoot That Book: Reading by the Beach

  1. I also try bringing books with light topics but most of the time my main consideration would be light in weight and small in size because I am a horrible packer. My luggage always ends up bulky and heavy. 😛

    • I’m not a good packer, either! I always tend to pack more than what I need because I like to have choices. This is also why I try to limit the number of books that I bring with me to just one or two (and usually paperbacks so they won’t be that heavy).

  2. I brings books too, but I hardly get to read it when I arrive wherever we’re going. I don’t really pick light reads, but I tend to bring whatever I was currently reading, or whatever it is that I feel like I had no other choice but read especially for long trips. But like I said, I hardly get to read when I’m on vacation. But like I said in my blog post after my Europe trip — never underestimate long travel times. 😀

    • I hardly get to read when I go out of town too. I only get to read while the people I’m with try to sleep or rest (e.g. hanging out on a beach, waiting for the plane to board or during the flight). I used to bring just whatever book I was in the middle of but then decided that hardcovers aren’t ideal for traveling. Also, I don’t want my copies to get damaged so I usually just bring paperbacks covered in plastic or used books, which are already battered to beginw ith.

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