Winter is coming…

… and no, I’m not reading the book. Just wanted to make a quick post on why I haven’t been reading the past few days. I’ve been busy watching HBO’s Game of Thrones TV series. I’m so glad I decided to wait until all the episodes are out before I started this because I got to watch all of them in a span of days. Special mention to Aaron of Guy Gone Geek who’s been pressuring me to watch the show the past couple of months. I finally got around to it!

You might be wondering why I’m not planning to read the series. As much as I love epic fantasy, I don’t think I can handle George R.R. Martin’s writing. For me, a good book lets me become invested in the characters and Martin kills off way too many of them for my liking. This image, which I got from Meann of The Girl Who Read and Other Stories, sums it up quite nicely:

So, any other fans of the series out there? Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments.

24 thoughts on “Winter is coming…

    • What is that link? I’m not going to check it out, I have a feeling it’s not nice. Well yes, because I don’t think I can’t really like a novel if I’m emotionally detached from the whole thing. Also, they’re LONG books. Not sure if I have the patience for them.

  1. Well, considering the entire thing was patterned after the Wars of the Roses (of the two princes in the tower and Richard III fame), I can actually understand why so many characters get killed off. But then again, I’ve been desensitized to too many character deaths by reading early CLAMP mangas, so it’s not really the killing off of characters as much as the crazy shifting POVs that made me not love this series as much as I should have. ^^;;

    • That’s just it, you become desensitized and you start to not care for the characters because you’re afraid they might just die eventually. LOL that doesn’t make the reading experience an enjoyable one. Hmm the shifting POVs can become a factor as well. Anyway, I’m content with just watching the TV show.

  2. As you know I’m currently reading GoT before watching the show, and I actually really like it so far although I am consistently saying ‘WHAT THE WHAT’ out loud as I read it, but it’s good, very action packed and the characters are complex and I find myself thinking about it when I’m not reading it.

    • LOL I can imagine you being surprised at some of the scenes in the book! I heard that the TV show remained faithful to the book (maybe because George R.R. Martin is part of the production team). It’s good that you’re enjoying it though! I look forward to reading your review.

  3. I started watching The Game of Thrones last Sunday. I’m still at episode 3 and so far, I’m enjoying the series. I haven’t read the book, though, and I don’t have any plans yet to read it. Just like you, I also tend to invest on the characters of the book I read. Have to finish watching the series first before deciding if I’ll read the book. 🙂

    • I felt the same way even after I finished watching the whole thing but you might have a different reaction. 😛 I guess I’m just glad that there’s an epic fantasy show that a lot of people can enjoy watching and that it’s making people more aware of the books too.

    • Kimsie, I finished watching season one and I still don’t feel the need to read the books. 😛 Let’s wait and see if I’ll feel the same way when the other seasons are shown.

  4. So.. I read A GAME OF THRONES back in 98/99? I didn’t like it. I was able to read the whole book so the plot was interesting, but I got tired of the killing off of main characters and just had this meh feeling that I couldn’t get invested in anyone because you know, they’re going to die. I also didn’t really care for some of the characters and wanted to skim when it was their POV in the book. So the multiple POV was not a plus for me. Too many characters. Had bad feeling about characters I had an iota of interest in. Maybe I’d have a different opinion now, 10 years later, tastes change, but I don’t think so. I also read his HEDGE KNIGHT short story and it didn’t win me over either. It’s been weird since I’ve had this opinion for years and suddenly everyone’s reading it (because of the show), and they haven’t really read fantasy before and they love it, and I’ve been reading fantasy for years and man, it does NOT work for me. Weird I tell you. I feel like…. should I like it? Should I give it another try? But I remember the feeling of dissatisfaction after finishing A GAME OF THRONES very well. More than the plot. And I can’t bring myself to pick it up again.

    • Exactly! You described it perfectly. You can’t really root for any of the characters because they’ll probably just die in the latter part of the books. I mean I’m okay with killing off characters from time to time but not so many! I wonder what he wants readers or viewers to feel when we read his books or watch the shows? Even now, I don’t want to get too attached to my favorite characters in the show because I’m afraid they won’t make it to the end of the series.

      I don’t think you’ll feel differently about the book now. Maybe you’ll like it better but I don’t think you’ll fall in love with it. Hmm maybe it shouldn’t feel that weird! I’m not a big fan of books that get hyped up because of movies (well, except for Harry Potter) but I guess it’s a good thing if it makes people read more.

      • Yeah.. sigh. So I think I am willing to just watch the show and not reread. The show seems to follow the books very well, so I think it’s a fine compromise.

      • Yep, that’s what I’ve heard as well, the show follows the books closely. So for now, I’m good with just watching the show because there are way too many books on my TBR pile right now for me to invest in a series that I’m not sure I’ll be really into.

  5. My husband has watched all the episodes up until this point and is currently reading book 4. The books have kind of lost his interest and it took him weeks and weeks ti get through book 3 and now number 4 has him stuck too. I really have no interest in the show or the books at this point.

    • Stephanie, that’s what I feel like will happen if I even tried to read the books. I think I’ll have a hard time going through them so I’ll just stick with the TV show. I hope you change your mind and join your husband in watching it. 🙂

  6. I usually read the books before watching the TV series or movie, but in this case, I was happy with my decision to watch the series first. Forewarned is forearmed! :p

    • Meann, I do the same thing! I usually read the books before I watch the screen adaptations but didn’t really feel the need for this one. I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  7. Yes, there are definitely other fans out here! I’ve been a fan of the books long before the TV show, but now I love both. They’re right up there as some of my favorite books – the characters are so three dimensional, there are so many exciting moments, there are so many subtleties to look for when reading the books… I just love them!

    • Kristen, why am I not surprised that you’re a fan of the series? 😛 I should have known that you’d be aware of anything fantasy-related. My favorite characters in the show are Jon Snow and Arya Stark but I don’t want to get too attached to them because I’m afraid they might get killed off in the latter books. Don’t tell me what happens though, I’ll just wait for the new season. 😀

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