Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I has it! I has it, my precious.

Look at what I got today – an ARC of one of my most anticipated titles this year, Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. Note that the cover for the ARC isn’t the final design. I read and loved Lips Touch by the same author a few months ago and I’ve been looking forward to reading her latest ever since. I’ve been hearing such good things about it from fellow book bloggers and I’m jealous of everyone who’s read it so far. And now I’ll be able to do it a few weeks early. *beams* Thank you to Isa of Hachette Philippines for my copy.

Doesn’t that make you more curious? I can’t wait to finish the book that I’m currently in the middle of so I can start on this already.

19 thoughts on “Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I has it! I has it, my precious.

  1. Oooh! That’s a different cover. I love it. I think you’ll really enjoy the story. I know I was lost into Taylor’s magic as soon as I started reading it. Happy reading. I’m looking forward to your review.

    • It’s the ARC so that’s not the final cover, good thing too because I’m not a fan of the artwork in the ARC. 😛 I know what you mean about Laini Taylor’s magic, that’s how I felt when I read Lips Touch.

  2. Hope you love it as much as Lips Touch! It’s one of my recent faves. Wow – look at that cover too.
    The once upon a time line at the beginning really sets an ominous tone. Can’t wait for your review!

    • Like I said in my reply above, that’s just the ARC cover. 😛 I think the final cover looks better, don’t you? I love the once upon a time page, really can’t wait to read the rest of the book. I’ve heard such good things from the rest of you.

    • We got books from Hachette Philippines to give away to the Filipino ReaderCon and they included DoSaB in the pile. I was thrilled when I saw the copies! Starting this today.

  3. YAY! I LOVE that book so I hope that you do too (although if you already love Lips Touch Three, I’m sure you’ll fall madly in love with her latest!). 🙂

    • I’m definitely going to review the book as soon as I’m done. Although I have no idea when that will happen because this week’s going to be pretty busy with BBAW and the Filipino ReaderCon.

    • Of course I read it as soon as I got my grubby little hands on it! And I loved it. 🙂 Just need to work on writing a review. I’ll probably post it sometime next week.

      Me too, I can’t wait to read the second book! And this one isn’t even officially out yet.

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