Shoot That Book: Paint Party

Shoot That Book combines my passion for books and my tendency to become trigger happy with a camera. My lack of photography skills is compensated by my enthusiasm. Basically, I like taking pictures of books.

My friend celebrated her birthday last Saturday by inviting us to her house to have what she called a “paint party.” We’ve never really had one of those so we weren’t sure what to expect. One friend thought we were going to paint a wall in the house, another thought we were going to sit still and pose while someone painted us (had to laugh at that idea). What happened was my friend provided canvases, brushes and paint and told us to paint whatever we wanted. While I don’t think I have an artistic bone in my body, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It brought back memories of art projects for school and painting felt kind of therapeutic. I really want to do it again. Here’s my final masterpiece (feel free to laugh):

I want to make a couple more so I can have them all framed and put them either on top of my bookshelf or on the available wall space in my room. Here’s a group picture with my friends so you can see their artwork too:

10 thoughts on “Shoot That Book: Paint Party

  1. I helped co-hostess a baby shower for one of my friends at a pottery place, that was fun, but really intimidating. I am not artsy when it comes to hand-drawn illustrations or anything that can’t be manipulated by a computer. You did way better than I would have!!! =) (I hope you don’t take that as an insult!)

    • Capillya, I am not artsy when it comes to both hand-drawn and computer generated illustrations. ๐Ÿ˜› But I really enjoyed this painting experience, I like doing something with my hands. You should try having a paint party the next time you need to host something.

    • Yay, thanks for the compliment, Lucy! We were all intimidated by the blank canvas when we started. LOL we were all looking around and asking each other, “so what are you going to draw?”

    • The group pic includes just my high school barkada, there were around 12 of us, I think? I’ll try to do another one as soon as I buy materials! I have no idea how much the canvases, paints and brushes are.

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