The First Filipino Reader Conference

I’m ecstatic that I can finally announce the first ever Filipino Reader Conference here on my blog. It’s like the ultimate meet up for all Filipino readers, book club members and book bloggers. I’m so excited for this event and I’m hoping that the rest of you (well, the ones based in Manila) are looking forward to it as well. There really aren’t that many reader-centered events here in the Philippines and it’s such a shame because passionate Filipino readers are just waiting to be recognized. It’s past midnight and I’m not that articulate at this time of the night so I’m going to end this post by encouraging everyone who can attend the event to please do so, I know it’s a week day and for those who have work, we’ll have to ask permission to take the day off but I’m sure it will be worth the effort. πŸ™‚

Check out the poster below for more details and expect to see more updates in the coming weeks.

6 thoughts on “The First Filipino Reader Conference

  1. Sounds like a wonderful event. I’m sure that you all will have lots of fun.

    Hopefully I will get to meet some German book bloggers this year on the Frankfurt book fair and next year I plan to attend the first Love Letter Convention. This convention is hosted by a German book journal and guests will be authors like Nalini Singh and Lara Adrian.

    • Thanks Sabrina! We’re all really excited for it since we don’t have a lot of local events for readers.

      Oooh you’re going to the Frankfurt book fair, I’ve heard that that’s a pretty big event, right? I have a feeling you’ll meet a lot of bloggers there and discussing books in person is always a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

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