Pink by Lili Wilkinson

I’ve been neglecting the Aussie YA Challenge the past few months because I still have the rest of the year to finish it and I only need two more books. But when my good friend Celina offered to let me borrow her copy of Pink by Lili Wilkinson, I decided to go ahead and read it. I’ve been hearing good things about this book. Also, that’s one less book for me to buy. Thanks again, Celina, for lending your copy. πŸ™‚

Here’s the summary from Lili Wilkinson’s website:

Ava Simpson is trying on a whole new image. Stripping the black dye from her hair, she heads off to the Billy Hughes School for Academic Excellence, leaving her uber-cool girlfriend, Chloe, behind.

Ava is quickly taken under the wing of perky, popular Alexis who insists that: a) she’s a perfect match for handsome Ethan; and b) she absolutely must audition for the school musical.

But while she’s busy trying to fit in β€” with Chloe, with Alexis and her Pastel friends, even with the misfits in the stage crew β€” Ava fails to notice that her shiny reinvented life is far more fragile than she imagined.

Pink is a delightful, contemporary Aussie read. It’s all about how the main character, Ava, is confused about a lot of things in her life. She thinks her girlfriend Chloe is awesome and she feels lucky to be in a relationship but she also wants to explore and discover other things about herself. She’s tired of always wearing black and trying not to care about school because that’s what Chloe wants. So she transfers to Billy Hughes so she can wear pink, act all girly and maybe even date a guy. Ava just didn’t realize that things aren’t so simple. It’s hard to form friendships when she’s hiding so much about herself. She doesn’t even know when she’s just pretending and when she’s being real. I think Pink’s storyline is something that most teenagers will be able to relate to. I can remember being confused about so many things in my life back when I was that age so I could definitely understand where Ava is coming from. As Ava finds out for herself, it takes time for things to fall into place. You can’t just magically be somebody else even when you transfer schools.

As with most novels set in high school, the characters are divided into the popular and unpopular groups – in this case, the actors vs. the stage crew. I’ve always liked theater settings in novels because there’s so much that happens in preparation for a play or a musical (and also because I like watching theater productions in real life). The characters get to bond over rehearsals or while building sets. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Aussie YA rocks. Why can’t Filipino YA be the same? πŸ˜› Pink is funny and very easy to read. Ava is one smart girl but some of the things that she gets herself into are hilarious. I felt embarrassed for her several times. But I was always rooting for her, I wanted her to make sense of everything that was confusing in her life. Ava makes mistakes along the way but that’s part of growing up. I think she did the best that she could and that’s all that we can ever ask of anyone. I recommend this for fans of contemporary fiction and international readers should take advantage of the fact that this has been printed in the US so it’s more accessible than other Aussie titles. I’m already looking forward to reading Lili Wilkinson’s A Pocketful of Things.

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8 thoughts on “Pink by Lili Wilkinson

    • I’m glad you got a copy because otherwise, I think I would have bought one for myself. πŸ˜› I’ll return it tomorrow and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

  1. The title reminds me of the saying we’re all pink on the inside. Does that have to do with the title, or is it more about Ava going towards the Pink Side when she tries to be girlier? I’m just curious because it’s such a simple, but interesting title!

    Anyway, it sounds good. Yet another book I think I need to give a go.

    • There’s a saying that we’re all pink on the inside? It has to do with Ava wanting to be girlier. πŸ™‚ It really is a nice title but I’m not a fan of the cover, wish they used a better design for it.

      Yay, hope you enjoy reading it if/when you pick it up.

  2. I can’t remember where I first read about this book but I’ve been interested in it ever since. Thanks for the review! I haven’t really read anything like it so I wonder how I’ll feel about it. I’ll probably read Pocketful of Eyes first since I already have a copy of it. I do agree that the Aussie cover for Pink is much better.

    • I have a feeling we first heard about this when Aussie book bloggers started reviewing it. It has a unique premise, right? That’s what made me curious. Yep, read Lili Wilkinson’s other book first so you can get a feel of her writing. Maybe you can check if your library has a copy of Pink?

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