ArmchairBEA: Blogging

Today’s the last day of ArmchairBEA and we get to talk all about blogging. I don’t want to give tips about blogging because even though I’ve been blogging for more than a year, I’m still learning things as I go along. Which is what most book bloggers do anyway. With the ArmchairBEA events and Twitter parties, we’ve established how helpful the whole community is so if newbies have any questions, no need to feel shy. If you have any questions that you think I can answer, just leave a comment here. I reply to most (if not all) of the comments on my blog.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about experiencing a blogging slump and how I get tired of reading and reviewing because I feel pressured by my blog. I was surprised to hear that other bloggers feel the same way. So I realized that there’s really no need to pressure myself to read and review as fast as I can. So what if I only have one or two posts a week? The blog isn’t going anywhere and I’m sure my followers wouldn’t mind. I’m not even blogging for ARCs or to get more followers because 1) I barely receive review copies because publishers aren’t willing to ship to the Philippines and 2) I have no idea how many people follow my blog. Free WordPress blogs aren’t allowed to use the Google Friend Connect widget and I use the built-in RSS feed instead of FeedBurner. It’s not that big of a deal for me anyway, I’m just happy that people find what I have to say interesting. Last year when the blogosphere was still fresh and new in my eyes, I was super excited to post and I had no problem coming up with something everyday. But now I want to be more laid back and just go with the flow. 🙂 Real life gets in the way of things sometimes: I have a full-time job (which pays for my books) and I usually go out on weekends to unwind. I blog about books for fun and I want my blog to be a happy place, I don’t want it to feel too much like work.

I’ve really enjoyed the whole week of ArmchairBEA and again, thank you so much to the organizers! Without ArmchairBEA, a lot of us would have been moping around because we couldn’t attend BEA. To all my new followers and blogging buddies, I enjoyed getting to know you guys this past week. Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy my posts!

12 thoughts on “ArmchairBEA: Blogging

  1. It’s easy to get carried away and obsess about the number of your followers etc. I try to blog only when I have something to say and I definitely don’t let my blog’s stats affect what I’m reading or reviewing. Glad I discovered your blog through ArmchairBEA!

    • I definitely don’t let my stats affect what I’m reading or reviewing. I don’t even want to join book clubs because I don’t want to have to read an “assigned” book. That feels too much like homework to me. I go with what I feel like reading at the moment.

  2. Amen! I, too feel like I’m too new of a blogger to be giving tips so I didn’t know how to answer the prompt for today. So, smart, great post! Armchair BEA was fun but I’m excited to get back to reading and reviewing. 🙂

    I don’t now about you, but I can’t wait to read all of the BEA posts that should be up next week. I know I’ll be drooling over all the ARCs, signed copies, author signings and blogger meetups.

    • LOL since the topic was blogging, I thought I’d just bring up how I felt about reading and blogging in general. 🙂 Yep, ArmchairBEA was a lot of fun but it would be good to go back to not posting everyday.

      Me too! I will probably comment on all the BEA posts that will pop up on my Google Reader.

    • So glad I got to meet you through ArmchairBEA! And it was funny that we both got to attend the two Twitter parties. Don’t worry, you can participate in BBAW and Bloggiesta this year too. So many good bookish online events. 🙂

  3. Yes, yes, yes. I think even though all of us say this over and over, each blogger has to discover for his/her self that it’s ok to step away from the blog. To post when you want, what you want. Good stuff!

    • I think that all bloggers get to a point where they feel like they’re being pressured to read and review. At first, posting doesn’t require too much effort because you’re still excited by the novelty of it. But then when that wears off, we all have to learn how to balance blogging and real life.

  4. I am glad I can’t know the number of people reading my posts regularly. I would obsess over it too much. I started this so I could just pour out my thoughts and I want to continue to enjoy it as well. I love reading your posts whenever they occur. 🙂

    • That’s one advantage of LJ! But I’m okay with the built-in stats of WordPress. It gives me just enough details to keep things interesting but not enough for me to obsess over. Thanks for always reading my posts and taking the time out to comment. 🙂

  5. I wouldn’t be able to stand not knowing my follower numbers personally. Do you use google analytics to at least see how many people have been by your blog or how they got there? At least you can’t get too wrapped up in looking at stats!

    • I tried to sign up for Google Analytics but that required a source code to be added to WordPress and that’s not available for free blogs so no, I don’t have it as well.

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