Classics Get a YA Makeover

I was surprised when I saw these two books in a local bookstore yesterday:

I immediately thought to myself that Penguin gave classics a makeover to attract more young adult readers. Can’t say it’s a bad thing because those covers look pretty. I never realized that Hamlet was such a handsome young man? 😛 And if it encourages more people to read the books then that’s always a plus. I did a search for this new line of books called Spinebreakers and here are some others:

Sorry for the pixellated images, those are the best that I could find. I like the covers for Hamlet, Dracula, Frankenstein and Romeo and Juliet. What about the rest of you, are you tempted to buy copies of these revamped classics?

25 thoughts on “Classics Get a YA Makeover

    • I agree! I hated those covers. Classics were here way before Twilight – I didn’t like that they were banking on the popularity of Stephenie’s Meyer’s work to get teens to read older titles.

  1. I am not sure whether I like them 😦 They look too childish! But it will be a good thing if the covers attract more young adult readers.

    • I know, I want to see the other titles in person too. I grabbed the images from the Penguin site and I don’t know why they don’t have anything with better quality.

  2. Very colorful and pretty. I hope readers will flock to them. Since I already have most of these, they don’t tempt me enough to abandon my well-worn copies!

  3. Lol handsome young man Hamlet – you sound so proper! Just like my grandma. 😀

    I like the ones you mentioned, especially Romeo and Juliet but overall I think the same layout for each cover in the collection gets a little boring.

  4. i just saw these last night at a bookstore. They look great and it’s great that they’re gearing towards a younger audience with the covers but I will forever love the older covers of the Penguin classics whcih feature both classic and contemporary paintings.

  5. I’ve always pictured Hamlet as being a pretty cute guy, so that doesn’t surprise me. He did, after all, win Ophelia’s heart.

    I like those covers more than I would have expected; they manage to be simple, but good.

  6. Hmm, I’m not sure about these – pretty and colorful, but they make the books seem more *younger* than they are or something. I must be stuck in the classics must look like classics mindset. That said, I kind of covet the Jane Eyre one.

    • I know what you mean, these covers make the classics look like modern YA novels, right? I bet teens will be surprised to discover how old-fashioned the stories are if they had no idea of the content going in.

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