Summer Reads

It’s summer here in the Philippines and it’s really HOT! I wonder if that has anything to do with why I haven’t been reading that much lately? The long weekend care of Holy Week has come and gone and I wasn’t even able to finish a book. Then again, I’m feeling a bit under the weather so I mostly slept, hoping that what I have won’t develop into a full-blown sickness. When it comes to summer reading, I think it’s a good idea to read light and fluffy books. People usually go out of town during the summer months and when you’re on vacation like that, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate on heavy reads. Plus, light reads are perfect for the beach, which is the common destination for vacation-goers in the Philippines. My idea of summer reads include Julie James, Jennifer Crusie and contemporary YA books that are easy to fall into. If you have suggestions similar to what I mentioned, feel free to recommend them. I’m always looking for books like these.

Aside from the books that I mentioned above, I also like rereading old favorites while on vacation because it feels like hanging out with old friends. There isn’t much of an effort involved when it comes to rereads because I’m already familiar with the story and I can just let myself be swept away. In the image above, I’m reading Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith in Anawangin Cove in Zambales.

I know it’s only summer here in the Philippines and the rest of the world is experiencing other seasons but I’m interested in knowing what the rest of you enjoy reading during summer. Do you also feel like it’s a great season to just have fun and read light, fluffy books or do you have something different in mind?

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  1. Anawangin! Did you camp there or was that just a day tour?

    I think that light reads are best for summer, because the heat simply isn’t conducive to processing something along the lines of heavy world building.

    As for Holy Week reading… Well, I finished the Kate Daniels series (including the novella)in two days. That should make you happy, right? And then I read Patricia Briggs’ The Hob’s Bargain (light and fluffy fantasy, nothing deep/thought-provoking there) and re-read her Alpha and Omega series (I would have re-read mercy Thompson instead, but I think I overdosed on first-person view writing from the Kate books).

    • Just a day trip to Anawangin. There was actually a typhoon that day and we got stranded for several hours. They said it was too dangerous to try to go back to Pundaquit (where we booked rooms for the night), good thing we didn’t end up spending the night on the cove because we didn’t have any provisions with us.

      Yay, glad to know I’m not the only one who feels this way. There are times when I feel like I’m melting into a pile of goo because of the summer heat so I don’t have that much energy for absorbing heavy books.

      You finished the Kate books! So, what did you think of them? 🙂 I take it as a good sign that you finished the series in such a short time. I’ve read The Hob’s Bargain and enjoyed that one too, a sort of Beauty and the Beast retelling.

      • Hehe. That’s the problem with these recurring main character series. The authors usually keep dropping more and more hints about the character’s backgrounds as the series goes along, and if the series itself is not set up as an episodic-type series, it gets doubly frustrating because the readers want to find out what happens next.

      • Yep, that’s why I think it’s great that they decided to do something different with the Edge series. As much as I love the Kate books, there are times when I think to myself if it would have been better if I read the series when all the books are already out.

      • I know people who do that. Won’t read series books unless all of the books are already out. You miss out on a lot of great books if you do that though. Me, I’m OK with the anticipation. I enjoy speculating about what happens next in a series. And if it happens that what I imagined in my mind is what I see in the next book that comes out… Cool. 😛

        The Edge books read more like romances compared to the Kate books. Kind of like the Alpha and Omega books by Briggs, which have a lot of introspective “get into the main couple’s minds” passages.

      • I know, that’s why I don’t do that. I wouldn’t want to miss out on so many great books. Yep, I’ve gotten used to waiting. Megan Whalen Turner takes YEARS before she comes out with the Queen’s Thief books but it’s okay since she’s amazing. There are other books in my pile that I could reading while waiting.

        I think On the Edge was really marketed as paranormal romance. I still love the series though. Although maybe I’m already biased when it comes to Ilona Andrews. 😛

    • Well, it’s definitely safer to wait out the storm rather than attempting the trip back in one of those tiny bancas. There’s supposed to be an overland route, but I doubt that you were equipped with any hiking stuff either.

      I read a lot faster when I know that there won’t be any interruptions (and I can wake up late the following day). If it weren’t a holiday weekend, I probably wouldn’t have managed the two books a day that I did.

      I’ll email you my impressions on the Kate books later. Off the bat though, that “here kitty, kitty, kitty” and the saucer of milk had me in stitches. And the grammar nazi in me felt the urge to go back to my textbooks for the rules on the usage of lie/lay and enthused.

      • The overland route takes 7 hours! Not much of a hiker so that kind of thing isn’t for me. Besides, it’s not advisable to hike in that kind of weather too.

        Oh I know what you mean, I love not worrying about waking up early the next day. I really feel bad that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the long weekend in terms of reading books.

        That “Here, kitty, kitty” line is a winner! I love how the books get better as the series moves along. The first two were just so-so for me but the last two were amazing. Can’t wait for Magic Slays.

  2. when I saw the pic I know right away it’s in anawangin. I love that place and I can’t wait to visit it soon. Zambales has lot’s of beautiful islands. I just went to potipot few days ago. Much smaller than anawangin but still gorgeous place to visit.

    • Anawangin is pretty distinct and easily recognizable in photos. 🙂 I’ve been to Potipot and it’s really nice as well but it takes longer to get there from Manila.

  3. cannot believe that place is Anawangin. been to Potipot, though. my summer read includes Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen 🙂 indeed, our summer this year is super HOT!

    • Flipped is a good summer read since it’s a lightweight plus the story’s real cute. I’ve been meaning to watch the movie ever since I finished reading the book but I haven’t gotten a copy yet.

  4. i do summer reads all year round, haha. just b/c i like them and also b/c i live at the beach and it never really gets cold here (people swim all year round ~ occasionally we wear a jumper

    i like looking for authors like that as well and recently came across one that comes highly recommended to me but i haven’t read a book of hers yet (but am planning to)

    you could check out some of hers?

    • Oh wow, you live near the beach, I’m jealous! It never gets that cold here too. Whenever I saw beach scenes in the States, I would wonder why people wore jackets when they go there. I got to experience how cold their beaches are when I went there back in 2009. Didn’t even try getting in the water.

      What a coincidence! Sarah Rees Brennan mentioned Kristan Higgins in a tweet today (!/sarahreesbrenna/status/62322607726411776). She said that the writing reminded her of Jennifer Crusie. I also heard from someone that Higgins’ love scenes are fade to black and I have a feeling that’s something that you’d appreciate. 🙂 Will definitely check out her books.

      • LOL thanks chachic 🙂 I don’t like my sex scenes too detailed 😉

        I am going to get one of her books too ~ not sure which one to start with though? my lib doesn’t have any but there are a lot at better world books. and that is such a coincidence! i only came across the author yesterday…

        and YES i live on the coast. i live at sawtell:

        which is right on the beach but also surrounded by national parks and we have a mountain range just behind us. it’s beautiful here 🙂

      • I know. I remember your review about A Lot Like Love.

        I haven’t asked the local bookstore either if they have stocks of her books but I think Just One of the Guys looks good based on the premise? Her books must be good if we got recommendations from different people. 🙂 I also can’t wait to read Liane Moriarty! I hope my copy of What Alice Forgot gets here soon.

        Wow, it must be amazing to live where you are. Seems like you have everything and there are a lot of places that you can visit. Manila isn’t like that, it’s really just a city and I need to travel several hours if I want to go to the beach.

  5. Ooh, nice pic! For the beach, light reads are definitely the way to go. But on an ordinary summer day, I don’t really favor any particular genre. But you’re right…it’s hard to concentrate on reading when it’s so hot.

    Hope you’re feeling better now!

    • You haven’t seen this picture? It was in my About Me page before. I don’t usually go for other genres during summer too but for some reason, I feel like picking up light reads lately.

      Still not feeling great. 😦 I don’t know why I keep getting sick when it’s hot. I should be used to this kind of weather already. I’ve lived here all my life.

  6. I know, it’s so hot already! 😮 Grr. It’s so hard to commute. But I still love summer. I’m just not sure if I can go to the beach anytime soon since I’m saving for a big trip later this year.

    Anyway. Summer reads. Last Holy Week, I finished a couple of books, which is good. I rarely read when I’m out on trips even if I carry books with me because I’m always talking to someone or catching up on sleep. I get to read more when I’m at home, like what I did last weekend. As for what to read, I’d probably reread a Dessen (or read the new one once it comes out) since her books are set during the summer. Right now I’m following my Required Reading schedule, so my next month’s reads would be all fantasy (I’m finally reading my MWT books! Yay!) since I’ve been reading so much contemporary lately. Other than that, I just choose whichever is on the TBR pile that I feel like reading next. 🙂

    • It really is so hard to commute! Especially when you have to carry around your work laptop with you. 😦 I don’t have any beach plans for this summer either but I am hoping that something will come up.

      Me too, I don’t get to read much while on vacation but when we go to the beach, we usually have some downtime when everybody just wants to chill and hang out. That’s when I whip out the book that I have and try to read a couple of pages/chapters.

      Yay, you’re finally going to read MWT’s books. I look forward to hearing what you think of them.

  7. I do tend to read with the seasons. I find I read a lot of YA during the summer. Books from Rick Riordan, Alyson Noel, Julie Anne Peters, etc. When Christmas comes around I always try to read a Christmas themed book.

    • Yes to breezy romances! Do you have some recommendations? They sound like perfect summer reads. I’m a big fan of fantasy anytime but maybe the lighter ones (like Poison Study instead of The Wise Man’s Fear for summer).

  8. It’s summer in my country too and it’s uncomfortably hot! But that’s a perfect excuse to stay at home and read a lot! Unfortunately, I’ve exams going on.
    Bad weather and exams – not a good combination.

    • Misha, you’re in India, right? I didn’t know it’s also summer over there. Oh if only I could just stay home and not worry about commuting to work in the summer heat and humidity. Good luck with your exams, it’s so hard to concentrate on studying when the weather isn’t nice. 😦

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