Messy Bookshelf

Remember when I posted about my new bookshelf a few months ago? My friend Ian even took really nice pictures for a guest post on his blog. Long story short, this was what my bookshelf looked like at that time:

Beautiful, isn’t it? It doesn’t look like that now. Those pictures were taken before the glass panels were put in. Also, I never planned to arrange my books by color on a permanent basis. It’s too hard to look for a book because the spine doesn’t always have the same color as the cover. So I temporarily lined them up by color just to take nice pictures. Having done that, I’ve tried to arrange my books properly, alphabetically by author. So far, I’ve only managed to fix the As, Bs and Cs and the rest are just piled up randomly.

Behold the messiness:

I just find it funny that it looks so different now. I should be embarrassed that I’m such a lazy/messy person! I should finish fixing up my bookshelf because I want to look at it and see my beautiful books lined up by author. There’s a long weekend coming up because of Holy Week and I don’t have any plans of going out of town so maybe I should prioritize this. I’ll take pictures again once I’m done.

32 thoughts on “Messy Bookshelf

  1. lol. it’s not that bad. My shelf, the ones that are laying on their side are my ones TBR. It’s how I can easily identify my choices without having to keep them somewhere besides my book shelf. I wish I had one big book shelf like you, I have 3 small ones to keep organized.

    • I can’t move it anymore. 😦 That’s the only available space in my room. Anyway, it doesn’t get that much sunlight because of the curtains. I think it was late afternoon when I took this picture and the light coming in through my windows just reflected off the glass.

    • Organized chaos is a nice way of putting it. 🙂 I need the glass doors because the books get older (the pages turn yellow and spots appear) faster with open bookshelves. I think it has something to do with how hot and humid it is in the Philippines.

    • Hi Maricar, I decided a few months ago that I wanted a big shelf that could accommodate most of my books so I had one made. There aren’t a lot of choices in furniture shops here in the Philippines so it’s better if you just ask a carpenter to build one for you.

  2. I should take that picture of your bookshelf and show it to a carpenter myself. Having all my books in boxes is not fun. Well, maybe I’ll keep the romance books in the boxes and display all of the graphic novels and SF&F books. Since I just bought a lot of those romance books just for the vintage covers (and the Alan Kass artwork on the regencies)and never really plan to read them. LOL.

    Ikea has some nice bookshelves, but they don’t have glass covers on them.

    • LOL you can totally do that. Or you can just say how many shelves you want, how high they should be (mine were 10 to 12 inches) and what’s the width of the entire thing. You’re the one who has an entire room for her books, right? 😛

      It’s fun to display the books that you have because it’s good to have your own “library.” We don’t have Ikea here in the Philippines, do we?

      • But you have an entire ROOM to keep your books in. I would love to have something like that. Throw in a comfy couch and it’ll be a perfect reading area as well. You should have bookshelves built all over that room. 😛

        The 680 one looks great! But really expensive, I don’t think it’s worth that much. Maybe you can print a copy of that and ask a local carpenter to build you something similar.

      • I doubt that I can fit in a couch since it’s a smallish rectangular room. Hehe. Remember, it used to be a home-sized cocktail bar, so it gets more length than width/depth. But I’ll get around to having bookshelves made sooner or later. LOL.

  3. That’s not at all messy Chachic. I love the glass panels you put in, I really wish I could have a bookshelf like that.:)

    Good luck with arranging your books!:)

    • You should have a bigger bookshelf made so you can display all the books lying around in boxes in your house. 😀

      Hay, I don’t know if I’ll be able to arrange it because the summer heat is so discouraging! Even minimal movement makes one sweat like crazy.

  4. We have a bookshelf with glass doors, and put uv blocking plastic on it, and WHAH! the plastic reflects the light, and you can’t see the books inside.

    Nothing is perfect.

    I think your books look happier in their more relaxed state–like they’ve been at the party long enough to have had a few drinks.

    • Aww too bad that you couldn’t see through the glass because of the UV blocking plastic. One of the perks of having a bookshelf is looking at your books.

      I love what you said about my books being relaxed! Such a perfect way to describe it. They do look like they’ve had a couple of drinks, don’t they? 😀

  5. I love it! Some author said a well-loved library should never be perfectly organized because books are always coming and going off the shelf and it definitely looks like yours is well loved (and used).

    • Actually, I have a feeling that my bookshelf will never be perfectly organized for the very reason that you mentioned. 🙂 I just want my books to be more organized. I would enjoy seeing books by the same author lined up side by side – my MWTs,DWJs, McKinleys, Shinns, Marilliers. 🙂

  6. I can so relate.
    Mine’s even messier. It used to be OCD neat and orderly, now it’s just…chaos!
    Oh well, like you, I’m probably gonna be organizing this weekend.

  7. my bookshelf is quite messy and I have books on a plastic container. needs organizing but I dont know where to put them, some are on a drawer*sighs*

    • That was the case with my books before. Most of them were stored in a huge plastic box and other smaller boxes so I decided to have a bigger one made to fit all of them. I just need to get around to organizing everything.

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