Cover Reveal: Fate’s Edge

Ilona Andrews revealed the cover for Fate’s Edge, the third installment in the Edge urban fantasy series. Click on the link to check out the lovely snippet that they also provided. I think this my favorite Edge cover so far. It’s much more subtle that the other two covers:

I can’t wait to read this book! I loved both On the Edge and Bayou Moon and I have a feeling I’d feel the same way about Fate’s Edge. Ilona mentioned in a tweet before that this book has “lots of thievery” and you all know that I’m a big fan of thieves in fiction. Yay for Kaldar!

13 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Fate’s Edge

  1. Looks like they watermarked the headshot of the male lead this time, and used a more muted/natural color scheme. The cover for the first book was a bit too glaringly pararoma for me, what with Declan’s headshot making him look like a Fabio Viking wannabe. William’s headshot on the second book looked like a Nathan Kamp cover, though it might not be him since it doesn’t seem to be listed in that blog/fansite that tracks all the covers Nathan Kamp’s been featured in (this guy has literally been in hundreds of covers released over the past six years, or even earlier).

    • Declan does look like Fabio in that shot! Too bad they decided to put a floating head in that first cover, now that have to do it for all the Edge covers.

      Can’t wait to read this, the snippet looks interesting. I think it’s awesome that we have two Ilona Andrews books that come out each year – one Kate and one Edge.

    • Hehe. I ended up finishing On the Edge within a single day yesterday (bumped up who knows how many notches in the TBR pile). You can just imagine how much fun I had with all the constant references to Inu Yasha in that book, no?

      I’m about 30% into Bayou Moon right now. So looks like I’ll be finishing the Edge series before Kate Daniels. ^_^

      And off the bat, the model they used for Kaldar definitely trumps the ones they used for the two previous covers in the hotness scale. Of course, we’re reading this for the story and not the eye candy, right? πŸ˜›

      • Is Inu Yasha a good book/series/whatever it is? Funny that you’re going to finish the Edge series before Kate Daniels because it’s usually the other way around. πŸ˜› I like how the Edge books each has a different set of main characters, which makes it different from Kate.

        Yes to both. I’m really looking forward to reading about Kaldar, he sounds like a character that could make it to my list of favorites.

      • Inu Yasha is a manga series that was also adapted into an anime and movie franchise. And it’s looooong. I actually have a copy of the first English “comic-style” (around 36 pages) volume that Viz released, ummm, way back in 1997? It took 12 years for the author, Rumiko Takahashi, to finish the series, and that was with installments coming in monthly (it was a serial that ran in one of those thick phonebook-style manga magazines in Japan).

        It’s actually a rather good historical time-travel fantasy (this author is a master at balancing romancing, fantasy, and horror into her work), but at more than 40 volumes, it makes for quite an investment (I would have felt sorry for Rose and her siblings if they’d decided to collect the entire series, but then again, I suppose Declan can support their addiction now). I used to collect the Taiwanese and/or Hong Kong releases, but I stopped at around volume 20-someting.

        Here’s the Wikipedia entry on Inu Yasha (the synopsis section contains spoilers for the series ending):

        I think if I were going to introduce you to manga, Inu Yasha would be as good a bet as any. I think one of the reasons why I got into manga/anime in the first place was bacause a lot of these series would have made for some good books.

        And yes, Kaldar sounds like one hell of a smooth operator, doesn’t he? Can’t wait to read about how the lightning strikes him when his book comes out.

      • Oh wow, sounds like a rather difficult series to collect. Thanks for the description though! I’ll keep it in mind if I ever want to try manga. Is it locally available?

        LOL at Declan supporting their manga addiction. I don’t think they get to travel to the Broken anymore since they’re permanently based in the Weird.

      • Last I checked the Viz editions were available in Fully Booked. Powerbooks used to stock it, but not anymore since they seem to be getting in more Singaporean rather than America editions these days.

        One reason why I stopped feeding my manga addiction–these series run long. And just getting into one or two of the long running series would already take up a lot of book space.

        I suppose if he’d wanted to, Declan could have ordered a set through a trading caravan from Peter Padrake’s store? Hehe.

      • Yeah, it seems like manga is a more expensive addiction than books! I don’t think I want to get hooked. πŸ˜›

        You’re right, maybe we’ll find out in the next book. Based on Ilona’s tweets, there’s going to be more of Jack in that one.

      • Ah, but the good thing about manga and anime is that there are fan scanlators/translators who release English versions of Japanese releases (for non-profit purposes only, and the releases get pulled as soon as a series is licensed), so trying out new titles is a lot easier compared to book releases.

        And if you don’t want to get into the the long series (by long I mean anything above 20 volumes), most manga series are more like Koreanovelas than American soaps–they usually have a finite run period rather than going on indefinitely, as the ones that do the latter are usually produced by “star” manga artists like Takahashi who have a huge following already).

        More Jack? Ooooh, fluffy! *snuggles Jack, since William is off limits as Cerise might slice kim-chan open for daring to lay a hand on her man, erm, beast, erm, whatever* ^0^;;

      • LOL you really love your manga! I’ll keep that in mind but as of right now, I’m not sorely tempted to give manga a try because of the huge TBR pile. I’m excited to get some reading time this weekend.

        I’m hoping that Jack will get his own book but he still has a lot of growing up for that to happen. Read the Kate books soon so we can talk about them as well. Love that series. πŸ™‚

      • Hehe. The manga love is an offshoot of the frustrated artist syndrome. I don’t really get to read a lot of new manga or watch any new anime these days though, so I’m somewhat stuck in the early 2000s when it comes to those. I do watch some of the shows on the Animax cable channel, but that’s about it for me.

        Hmmm. I want to see Jack and Sophie/Lark get together. LOL. Done with Bayou Moon already. Going to start on the Kate Daniels books now. Good thing it’s a long weekend. πŸ˜›

      • But you can also be into graphic novels instead of manga because of the frustrated artist syndrome. You probably are because you mentioned Gaiman’s Death before. πŸ˜›

        Me too, I think it would be great if Jack and Sophie ended up together! I think they’ll be teenagers in the next book. Yay, you’re going to read the Kate books. I’m looking forward to getting some reading done this long weekend as well.

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