Bangkok Update

Bangkok was amazing, as expected. It was similar to Manila in a lot of ways but also very different. As the nice Italian lady who sat beside me on the plane said, it’s always a good idea to travel because you see the world in a different way whenever you’re exposed to other cultures. I really want to go back and I hope I could do so in the future, what with budget flights and not needing a visa for any Southeast Asian country. It was sad that I got sick (if you follow me on Twitter then you’ve seen me moaning about it) and had to stay in for two nights and that my friend’s phone and camera got stolen. 😦 But still a wonderful trip, overall. We got to see the Siam Niramit show, a spectacular show that I highly recommend to anyone who gets a chance to see it. We also saw the Grand Palace and was a little saddened that we don’t have something similar in the Philippines. It’s always hard to come up with touristy things to do in Manila when people come to visit but in Bangkok, we didn’t even have enough time to see everything that we wanted. Had a great time shopping, clothes there are a lot cheaper! Plus they bring down prices when you buy wholesale and you know how many pieces are considered wholesale? Just two! Didn’t go as crazy with the shopping as I expected and still had money left in my wallet when we went home. And because pictures say it better, here’s some spicy Thai food that we had:

I have a ton of Grand Palace pictures but I think this one shows how elaborate and gold-centered everything was:

Look at what I picked up on an airport bookstore (the one on the left, obviously) – it’s the Thai edition of A Conspiracy of Kings by Megan Whalen Turner.

I won’t be able to read it because the text is in Thai but I thought it would be a good idea to keep it as a souvenir. Good thing they didn’t have the other books because I would’ve been tempted to get those as well.

Also got to add a Thailand tumbler to my mini-collection of Starbucks tumblers:

I’m still a bit sick so I haven’t been reading a lot lately, hence the silence in the blog, but I hope to get back in the swing of things soon.

15 thoughts on “Bangkok Update

  1. While I enjoyed the Siam Niramit show as well, the locals call it a tourist trap. Hehe.

    And the Grand Palace. Seriously. One day is not enough to tour the place! You have to be able to stop and appreciate the architecture and imagine what life must have been like in “ye olden days”. I did the same thing when I visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, which has the same sprawling courtyard and palace building vibe, though maybe a bit less Buddhist-centric and a bit more Confucian–lots of mottoes and sayings plastered all over!.

    I have the book “Anna and the King of Siam” by Margaret Landon, on which the musical (and movie) The King and I was based. But again, that book (and the movies that it spawned), don’t really seem to sit well with the locals, who really, really love their kings (witness the pictures of King Bhumibol that can be found on literally every street corner).

    Another thing that I noted is that Pinoy tourists in Thailand always seem to get mistaken for Thais, don’t they? ^_^

    • Aww really? But I thought there were some locals who watched the show. It was a great show even if it caters to tourists.

      But there’s an entrance fee per day, right? Maybe next time we should be more prepared and bring water or something so we won’t be so tired. If I ever go back, I want to try and go to Ayutthaya. We were supposed to go but since it was a few hours away from Bangkok, we weren’t able to squeeze it in.

      Yes, my friend was speculating that maybe they thought of their king as a god and I told her that that belief was in Japan and not Thailand. They just really love their king so they have shrines all over the place.

      LOL I know what you mean, Filipinos look like Thais and vice versa. But they kept asking if we were Indonesians or Singaporeans. And they call us Philippine over there.

    • Siam Niramit is pretty much a summary of Ancient Thai history in song and dance form. Hehe. So I suppose it would be educational for little Thai kids, but maybe not so much for the adults.

      I don’t think that the entrance fee to the Grand Palace is that expensive, although buying a guidebook or one of those self-assisted tour earphones might help heighten the experience.

      I remember having shop owners call to me in Thai while I was browsing through the stores, and then suddenly switching to pidgin English (not exactly a PC term, but I can’t seem to think of another one at the moment) when they saw my blank stares.

      About the clothes though, yes, they’re definitely cheap. But they make me feel like I’m either a) fat, or b)a giant, since the freesize ones tend to be far too short or too snug on me, or else I have to go for large on the sized ones. *sweatdrops anime style*

      • Yeah, but that’s what made Siam Niramit so interesting, everything that they showed was new to us because we didn’t have any background information on Thai history. So yes, it’s a good idea for tourists but not for locals. πŸ™‚

        Entrance to the Grand Palace was 350 per person, not that expensive but I don’t think I’ll be going back on multiple days if I ever go again. I mean I can always check out the Reclining Buddha or Ayutthaya for something different.

        LOL it’s funny how Southeast Asians all look alike but we’re so different when it comes to culture and language. While we were in Bangkok, my friends and I finally understood why foreigners would always say that Filipinos speak good English.

        I know what you mean, free size for everything and you’re not allowed to try on the clothes. My friends and I worked a system where one of us will end up buying another’s purchase if the clothes didn’t fit as expected. I should lose weight before I go back so I can buy more clothes. πŸ˜›

  2. I now have a new dream: to go around the world collecting international editions of Queen’s Thief books. That is awesome. Sorry you were sick but I it looks like a fun trip!

    • That would be an excellent idea! I wasn’t expecting to find the Thai edition of Conspiracy, which made it all the more fun that I did. Good thing it wasn’t that expensive.

  3. sounds like you had a great trip-I have been to Bangkok also-next time try a night dinner cruise-beautiful views, try the huge weekend market, and a visit to some of the most famous old wats

    • We wanted to try the Chao Phraya tour and dinner but it was expensive and we didn’t know where to squeeze it in. Next time I go there, I’ll try that. As for the weekend market, if you mean Chatuchak then yes, we went there.

  4. Glad you got to enjoy even if you got sick.:( You weren’t able to check out the Reclining Buddha?

    Great souvenirs! Aren’t books in Thailand a bit expensive?

    • No, we weren’t able to go to the Reclining Buddha. We stayed at the Grand Palace for one afternoon and we were so tired after that we just wanted to go back to the hotel.

      I think the price of books there is similar to here. The Thai edition of Conspiracy was 195 baht.

  5. Did you enjoy the food? I’m sure it’s not very authentic but Thai food found locally is my favorite ethnic food of choice right now.

    Sorry you were sick! Are you well now? It’s good to have you back. πŸ™‚ I’ve missed your reviews and other posts.

    • You know what, I used to think I LOVED Thai food but then realized that the ones available here in the Philippines aren’t that authentic because they’re not spicy at all. And food in Bangkok is SPICY. Even when they that the dish isn’t spicy, it IS when you try it. But if you have higher tolerance for spice then you’ll love it. πŸ™‚ I was the wimp in our group and I couldn’t handle all that spiciness.

      A little better but still a bit sick. I’ve been sleeping a lot lately, trying to catch up on rest so I’m looking forward to the weekend. I hope I get some reading done.

  6. I love that you bought A CONSPIRACY OF KINGS in a language you can’t even read! It is something I would totally do and my husband would just shake his head over. *hugs* I love finding other book lovers just compulsive as myself πŸ˜‰

    • I know what you mean! My friends were like, “why are you buying that when you won’t be able to read it?” and just shrugged when I said I wanted it as a souvenir. Good thing I still had some baht left when we reached the airport.

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