Once Upon a Time V Challenge

This year, I already signed up for the Aussie YA Reading Challenge and I told myself that I would only join one challenge this year so I won’t have a hard time finishing it. But then I saw Chelle’s starting line post for the Once Upon a Time V challenge and I was tempted. Once Upon a Time is a challenge hosted by Carl of Stainless Steel Droppings. I did the challenge last year and I was able to accomplish what I originally signed up for. Since I read a lot of fantasy anyway, I think it would be a good idea to participate again this year.

Here are the rules:

Rule #1: Have fun.

Rule #2: Have fun.

Rule #3: Don’t keep the fun to yourself, share it with us, please!

Rule #4: Do not be put off by the word “challenge”.

Initially, I was only going to do The Journey, which only requires a person to read one book but then I decided to go with what I went for last year – Quest the First.

Read at least 5 books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time criteria. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or your five books might be a combination from the four genres.

That looks like something I’ll be able to manage. Yay, I’m excited to read the books that will fall under this challenge. Reviews are posted here if you want to check them out. Some of my possibles for this challenge:

31 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time V Challenge

  1. Look at your great list 🙂 this challenge is going to be so much fun. Magic Slays will definitely be on my final list too!

    • I actually wanted to put in more books because I still have a lot of fantasy novels in my TBR but I decided to stop at just 12. You’re doing the challenge too, Bella? This is going to be fun. 🙂

  2. You’re chosen so many good ones! Maybe I’ll need to sign up dreyfuss challenge. I’m reading City on the Lake right now. I really want to get to Mystic and Rider too. And I’m excited to see what you think of Perilous Gard and The Dark Mirror- they seem right up your alley and I love them both.

    • Dreyfuss? 😛 You’re probably using your phone when you left a comment. I hope you’re enjoying The City in the Lake, I plan to read that after I finish The Piper’s Son. I’m excited to read those two books as well! I’m waiting to get the two other Bridei books that I ordered from the Book Depository before I start on the series.

      • Lol, sorry! That’s funny. I’m such the typo queen now. Kind of makes me want to die of embarrassment sometimes.

        Oh, that’s exciting you’ll be getting those books so soon. Really, you should love the Bridei books because you like high/epic fantasy so much.

      • LOL don’t worry about it, I’m sure I have a lot of typos in my comments as well.

        I know, I’ve been craving for some epic fantasy that I could really sink my teeth into. As soon as I get home everyday, I check if I received any packages but none so far.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you joined! And you’ve got some seriously awesome books in your pile. The City in the Lake is one of my favorites, and I absolutely adored Heart’s Blood and Magic Slays. Oh, and I’ve got Eon on my shelf, too; maybe I’ll have to try to tackle it for this challenge as well!

    • Thanks for encouraging me to join! I’m excited to read my possibles. Ooooh another fan of The City in the Lake. I bought a copy because of the positive review that I saw in the Book Smugglers. And I really should read Heart’s Blood soon because I love Marillier. This is going to be fun. 😀

  4. Great to have you back this year! Thanks so much for deciding to join us, I really appreciate it. Your potential reads images look great, lots of cool cover illustration there. And I love your picture in “About Me”, your bookshelves, arranged by color, are great. I have some of my shelves arranged that way as well and I love it.

    • Carl, thanks again for hosting! I should make this an annual thing because I love the books for this challenge. Thanks for dropping by and checking out my “About Me” page. That bookshelf is a new one that I had made, I tried arranging my books by color just so they’d look good it pictures. I’m trying to fix them properly now and arrange them by alphabetically by author.

      • My pleasure. I like having the bookshelf in my bedroom arranged by color. It suits my mood better than having it arranged alphabetical and just looks better. Not sure what I’ll do when I get the new bookshelves in my office area.

  5. It looks like a great list of books! I really discovered Fantasy/Folk Lore/Fairy Tale fiction when I joined OUaT a few years back. Carl runs a fun challenge and now every spring I can’t wait till he announces it! Happy reading!

    • I love the genres involved for this challenge so it’s always fun to get to talk about them with other people. I hope I get to that when I post reviews and browse through other blogs. 🙂

  6. Hey, The Perilous Gard got into the list! Did you already own a copy before I mentioned it to you in my list of favorite Tam Lin retellings? Now that’s an easy book to finish, since it’s got lots of illustrations inside.

    When I first saw the cover for Eon in the bookstore, I kept thinking “Karate Kid” or “Kung Fu”!!! The 80s versions or the movie/s and TV series respectively, of course.

    Tigana is a gem. But it’s a bittersweet one though, because for some reason GGK never seems to write true cut-and-dried happy endings into his books. But if you’ve read his other books, you probably know that already.

    • Hey Kim, I’ve had my copy of The Perilous Gard since 2007 but I haven’t had a chance to read it. I decided to include it in my pile for this challenge because my friend Holly (of Book Harbinger) has mentioned a lot of good things about it.

      I’ve never read a Guy Gavriel Kay novel before but I also have copies of the first two books in the Fionavar trilogy.

    • Oops, hope I didn’t end up spoiling the reading experience for you then… 😦

      I absolutely *heart* my Puffin copy of The Perilous Gard. I bought it in Goodwill Bookstore for (literally) a song ages ago. It has gone through many re-readings since then, something that I do only with my favorites. I’ve re-read this one more times compared to Kushner’s and Dean’s Tam Lins, probably because Kate is such and engaging heroine, and I think I was half in love with Christopher when I was growing up. 😛 Here’s to hoping that you enjoy it just as much.

      BTW, were you able to get a copy of Firebrand? If you haven’t, I spotted a mass market copy at a Books for Less branch near me, if you’d like I can get it for you.

      • LOL it’s okay. I’ll probably forget what you said by the time I read one of his books.

        I think I bought my copy from National? Not sure. I don’t think I’ve ever read a Tam Lin retelling. Hmm… can’t really remember. You know what I do with favorites? I get multiple copies. That way, I have a copy that I can reread as much as I want and another copy that remains untouched. But I usually end up giving my reading copy to friends.

        I still don’t have a copy of Firebrand. Oh wow, really? What branch is that? Maybe I can drop by and get it because I don’t want you to be inconvenienced. 🙂

      • Centris station. I’ve already reserved it because I was thinking that you might want it. It’s not in the best condition, but it’s inexpensive and it’d still make a good reading copy. Figured you might want to start with a used bookstore copy to read before you decide whether to invest in a new copy or not.

        I don’t mind picking it up again on Monday, since I transit through that MRT station almost every day. If it turns out that we actually work near each other (but we probably shouldn’t reveal details like that here, so maybe email would be safer?), we could maybe meet up sometime? If not, I could probably ship it to you (only if you can’t do a meet-up or pick it up yourself, that is).

      • Oh yeah, the Pamela Dean and Ellen Kushner Tam Lins are highly recommended as well. The former sticks closer to the original ballad, the latter is set some time during the latter half of the 20th century, and the main character is a college student. I’ve read a lot of reviews that say that reading Tam Lin gave them unrealistically high expectations of what college life would be like.

      • Oops, I remembered wrong. Kushner’s book is Thomas the Rhymer. Similar theme, but it’s based on a different ballad. The other Tam Lin based book that I liked was Winter Rose by McKillip.

      • Wait, yes, I should send you an email soon. I keep forgetting whenever I go online this weekend but I will! I might be able to pick it up from Centris station.

      • Yes, saw it when I checked my mail on my phone but I wasn’t able to reply because I don’t have access using my work computer. I’ll try to swing by the Books for Less store tomorrow to pick it up. 🙂

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