March 12 FBB Meet Up

The March 12 Filipino Book Bloggers meet up held at Libreria Pilipinas. Thank you for coming – Aldrin, Ruby, Aaron, Celina, Ren, Kristel, Blooey, Mina and her husband, Mike. Had a great time, as always! Of course, we talked about books while munching on popcorn, eating doughnuts and drinking coffee. So many topics were discussed that I wasn’t able to keep track of everything but off the top of my head, some of them were:

  • e-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • the Nook vs. the Kindle and e-reading in general, including ebook piracy
  • local publishing and local books
  • discussions about genres – YA and romance
  • how most of us would love to go to BEA or Comic Con
  • retail therapy and book hoarding
  • blogging and how it relates to you personal life

I hope the others decide to post their own account of the meet up so they can discuss some of the topics that I missed. We also had a book swap, similar to the rules of the white elephant gift exchange. Each blogger bought a favorite book and we all promised to review the book that we received (no deadline though so anytime during our lifetime). I got Paper Towns by John Green from Aaron. Can you guess what are the books that I brought for the swap?

It’s always fun to meet in person with bookish people and just talk about anything book-related. As an added bonus, I got to meet one of my favorite local authors – Mina V. Esguerra, who I interviewed in this post. Her husband, Michael A.R. Co, is also a writer and now I want to read his work as well! Here’s a fan girl picture:

Again, thanks to everyone who was able to attend and to those who weren’t there, we missed you guys! Let me know when you want the next meet up to be so we can schedule it.

Other accounts of the meet up:


27 thoughts on “March 12 FBB Meet Up

  1. The book pile photo is cool. It also points out my peeve about the Fairy Tale Fail paperback — it has no text on its spine. (Wasn’t thick enough, grr.)

    Had a lot of fun, by the way. Thanks for the popcorn and donuts!

    • Oh hey, I didn’t even notice Fairy Tale Fail’s spine until you pointed it out. The paperback looks good, I’m sorely tempted to get a copy.

      Thank you so much for attending the meet up! I’m glad I finally got to meet you in person. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Chachic! Sorry I wasn’t there yesterday. Mixed up my own schedule and agreed to go to Pinatubo on the same day of the meet-up. o_O I was supposed to have dinner somewhere in Cubao after but we ended up in Galleria. Looks like you guys had fun, though, and Mina was there! Too bad I didn’t get to meet her.

    Oh, and you finally got Paper Towns! I hope you enjoy it. I’ll make sure to be there on the next meet-up. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tina, sayang, I thought you were going to be there! Aaron was the one who mentioned that you had plans to go to Pinatubo. It was really fun, as always. I brought my copies of My Imaginary Ex and No Strings Attached and asked Mina to sign them. πŸ˜€

      Yep, finally got Paper Towns although I would’ve been happy with the other books in the pile.

    • Hey Misha, it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. πŸ™‚ I enjoyed reading An Abundance of Katherines so I hope I’ll like Paper Towns just as much.

  3. I had lots of fun! Hadn’t talked that much since forever. Haha. Thanks for making it happen, Chachic, along with Triccie. And thanks also to Mina for the signed copy of Fairy Tale Fail I nabbed from the white elephant exhange.

    • Thank you for joining us and bringing that big bag of books! I wasn’t able to get anything but I believe all the others got something from that pile. Hope you get to read Mina’s book soon, it would be good to get a guy’s opinion on her books. πŸ˜›

  4. Hiya Chachic πŸ™‚ My post is scheduled to go online tomorrow evening. If and when I do get a chance to go online [I’m on training for the next 2 days soo things are a bit hectic] I’ll update you with the link πŸ™‚

    Till the next meetup! [that’s in May right?]

    • Hi Ruby, let me know once your post is up so I can link back to it. πŸ™‚ It’s good that you were able to attend this meet up because I wasn’t able to talk to you last December. I hope you also had fun!

  5. this is awesome how you guys all meet up!

    it’s be cool if the aussie bloggers could do that but we are all too spread apart 😦

    i love how you all brought a book to share. that is such a cool cool idea!

    • Nomes, we try to do it every other month depending on everyone’s availability. It’s hard to set a schedule sometimes because of other commitments but I really want this to be a regular thing. πŸ™‚ The book swap was something that we copied from Flips Flipping Pages, the biggest local book club here.

  6. I had a great time! I was enjoying so much that I didn’t even notice how many hours had passed (we missed the MRT, haha). It was also my first book swap and I was happy with what I got.:D

    I’m still kicking myself for forgetting to bring Mina’s books for signing. But it was wonderful meeting her and everyone else. ‘Til the next one!:)

    • Oh no, the MRT was closed already? 😦 I feel bad! I remember you were saying that we had to bring you home if the MRT was already closed. Haha I’m so sorry!

      You got Banana Heart Summer from the swap, right? Let me know what you think of it when you’re done, it looks interesting.

      Aww too bad you weren’t able to bring your Mina books. Still, it was nice that we all got to meet her in person. πŸ™‚

      • Haha, no worries, at least I was with Kristel.:)

        Yup, I got Banana Heart Summer from Blooey – it does sound interesting, and I hope to get to read it soon.

        I know, hopefully Mina can attend again some time, it was great to hear her and Mike’s input on all the topics discussed.:)

  7. Who got The Master and Margarita? I’m actually reading that one right now! Everyone must have been looking forward to that white elephant swap!

    I’m glad you all had fun; it’s nice to see the group meeting again (if only through pictures). πŸ™‚

    • Based on the picture, I think it was Aaron? Yes, we were all excited for the swap, especially because everyone brought their own favorites. I think that made things special. πŸ˜€

      I hope you get to join us one of these days!

  8. Hi Chachic! I’d be glad to read your review on Paper Towns. I’ve read it before and I have mixed feelings about it and I can’t seem to find another person to share it with. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Bee, not sure when I’ll be able to read it but I will definitely post a review here on the blog. πŸ™‚ I believe other Filipino book bloggers like Aaron and Tina have read Paper Towns.

    • Holly, was so happy that I finally got to meet Mina! I had no idea that she’s pregnant and it’s a good thing that she was still able to attend.

      Yep, I brought the MWT books for the swap. I wanted to bring QoA because that’s the book that made me love the series but it would be an incomplete reading experience without The Thief so I brought that one as well.

  9. Thank you for arranging the meetup, I really enjoyed myself. I initially feared that I would clam up during the discussion but the wide (wiiide) range of topics we talked about really got me going. It was great meeting Mina as well, and I’ll definitely be checking out her books.

    • Kristel, you were one of the most talkative so I find it funny that you initially thought you’d clam up. πŸ˜› It was a really fun meet up and like I always say, it’s great to get to talk about books in person.

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