Want Books: A Knot in the Grain

Want Books? is a weekly meme hosted here at Chachic’s Book Nook and features released books that you want but you can’t have for some reason. It can be because it’s not available in your country, in your library or you don’t have the money for it right now. Everyone is free to join, just grab the image above. Leave a comment with a link to your post so I can do a roundup with each post.

I’m a huge Robin McKinley fan and I’ve read most of her books but I never encountered A Knot in the Grain before because it’s not locally available. In one of her blog posts, I think Robin mentioned that this book is already out of print. SAD! I want it especially since Charlotte mentioned that her favorite McKinley short story is in this book. I’m hoping that I could find an inexpensive used copy somewhere. Have any of you read this? Let me know what you think if you have.

Here’s the summary from Robin McKinley’s website:

Five tales: A young woman with the power to heal, but no power of speech, meets a mage who has lost — or renounced — his powers; a princess who is chained inside a cave as a sacrifice to a monster finds he is no monster; a troll bargains for a human wife, but will not hold her against her will; an old farmer releases a curse on his own land for love of his beautiful young wife; and a young girl finds a mysterious box in the attic of her family’s new house.

What about you, what book is in your wishlist?

10 thoughts on “Want Books: A Knot in the Grain

  1. That Harper Collins edition you posted is the one I own! I can’t remember the stories anymore though, since I bought the book more than 10 years ago and only read it once or twice since then (must dig my copy out for a re-read hehe). I do recall that I hated the binding on the paperback, because it kept crackling everytime I turned a page-it was rather tightly bound (same for other Harper Collins paperbacks of this period) and the pages didn’t lay flat on the spine when the book is open (there’s always one or more “wrinkles” at the part where the pages are glued to the spine).

    • Oh wow, they used to have copies of this available locally? Too bad I missed it! I know what you mean about tightly bound books, it’s frustrating to read them because you feel like you’re damaging them while reading.

    • I think this was one of the books that I bought in the US (come to think of it, even my Prydain Chronicles books were all from the US, except for The High King, which National stocked because it was a Newbery winner, so you can really tell that the state of the YA shelves back in the day was not good at all).

      Over the past five years, National has stocked The Blue Sword, The Hero and the Crown (the Firebird editions), Beauty, and now Pegasus. But those are the only McKinley books I’ve ever noticed on their shelves.

      • I have the nice editions of the Prydain Chronicles from Fully Booked. But I think I used to have old copies of some of the books in that series. Yes, YA wasn’t such a big thing back then.

        I got my copies of The Blue Sword, Hero and the Crown and Beauty from National. Pegasus is also available there but I got mine from Fully Booked.

  2. After much hefting of boxes, I finsally managed to locate my copy! It’s going to bump down a few of the the topmost books in the TBR pile though, because I just remembered that it has a short story with Luthe in in it, and I love that character to bits. I wish that McKinley would write about his story some day, but at the rate that she’s going, I doubt that she’ll be revisiting Damar any time soon. Speaking of Damar, the first time I read Hero and the Crown, I got a huge kick out of seeing that name on print, because there just happened to be a Damar village less than 10 minutes away from my old school…

    • Congrats on finding your copy, Kim! I hope you get to read it soon. I had no idea that it has a Luthe story in it as well. It would indeed be a good idea for Robin to write Luthe’s story but right now, I think she’s concentrating on Pegasus II. I’m anxious to read that book, the first half of the story ended on a cliffhanger.

      It’s cool that there’s a Damar village near your old school. It’s not that common of a name.

    • Luthe seems to figure in a lot of Robin’s short stories. In fact, his appearance (or non-appearance) is one of the most reliable indicators of whether a story is set in Damar. He must enjoy playing Fairy Godmother to a lot of Robin’s heroines? Hehe.

      I knew that Pegasus ended in a cliffhanger and that book 2 won’t come out until 2012, which is why I resisted the urge to buy it when I saw that Natio had stocked it. Unless Natio puts it on bargain before 2012 as it sometimes does to move out older stocks, that is…

      • I knew Pegasus ended on a cliffhanger as well but I was so excited to read it that I didn’t mind. Besides, the cover for that is really beautiful so I wanted to have my own copy right away. I still have a lot of other books in my TBR pile so those help in distracting me while waiting for the second half of the story.

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