Romance is a Wonderful Thing by Ellen Emerson White

Romance is a Wonderful Thing by Ellen Emerson White was one of my Want Books picks last December. I wanted to read something of EEW’s that was light and fun because all of her other books are heart-wrenching (but really good). I also wanted to read and review this one in time for Valentine’s Day this year because it’s an old school teenage romance. It’s the day after Valentine’s over here but I believe it’s still February 14th in other parts of the world. Hmm maybe I should feature love stories for the whole week?

Here’s the summary of the book from Ellen Emerson White’s website:

Why would Trish Masters fall for a total jerk?

That’s what all her friends are trying to figure out. Blonde and beautiful Trish is a great tennis player, an honors student, and popular too. She could probably catch any guy she wanted. So why pick Colin McNamara, the class clown? He’s good-looking, but a rotten student who spends afternoons in detention.

With the whole school gossiping about the hot new romance, Trish’s image is beginning to tarnish. But she knows something about Colin that nobody else knows. And if she can just convince him to show the rest of the world what he’s really like, she knows they’d both be happy.

I can’t get over how old school that cover is! What can I say, it goes with the old school story. This is a contemporary YA novel written by Ellen Emerson White while she was in college in the 80s. It’s funny that Colin is described as a class clown, maybe that’s what a bad boy is in the 80s? I’m not exactly sure. In any case, Trish is a popular and wholesome kind of girl – she’s smart and athletic while Colin never takes his classes seriously. He constantly argues with teachers and earns a daily spot in detention. To top it off, the whole school knows that he got his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Not too great of an image, right? But Trish realizes that there’s something more to Colin than meets the eye when she bumps into him at the local library and he insists on walking her home. That chance encounter marks the start of their romance.

This is such a sweet teenage love story. I would’ve probably fallen in love with this if I read it back in high school together with the Bantam Books Love Stories series. It has a very different tone from the other Ellen Emerson White novels that I’ve read. It was fun to see Trish and Colin slowly learn to be comfortable around each other. Goodness knows, we’ve all experienced a lot of awkward moments during our own teenage years. What’s great about these two is they bring out the best in each other through encouragement and support. Both of them help the other person deal with insecurities. It isn’t as obvious in Trish’s case but Colin goes through some pretty big changes in his school life – both academic and extra-curricular – while the two of them are dating. I also enjoyed seeing how involved their parents are in their lives. Colin meets Trish’s parents every time he picks her up for their dates and Trish also got to hang out with Colin’s parents. They also talk about their love life with their parents, which doesn’t generally happen in YA novels nowadays, right? This is an out of print book that I ordered from Better World Books. If you can manage to get an inexpensive copy then I recommend that you grab it and read this.

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Angieville – Thanks again for recommending Ellen Emerson White’s novels, Angie 🙂

4 thoughts on “Romance is a Wonderful Thing by Ellen Emerson White

    • It IS old school! But still fun. 🙂 Maybe because I can still remember the days when there weren’t any computers or cellphones around? Hope you get to read this soon! Life Without Friends is the last remaining EEW in my pile.

  1. Lol. That cover. It just makes me giggle. The book really is quite earnestly sweet, isn’t it?

    And I can’t wait to hear what you think of LIFE WITHOUT FRIENDS. That one is near and dear to my heart.

    • Yep, it really is sweet. I’m glad EEW has a book like this, which is very different from her other ones.

      I’ll let you know when I get to read it! 😀 I’m not sure if I should put it off because it’s the last EEW book that I have or if I should read it right away.

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