Goodreads Most Read Authors

I found out about this one from Kristi of The Story Siren. Her own top authors are listed here. I browsed through my Goodreads account to see who made it to my list. Here’s a screen shot, click to embiggen:

Sherwood Smith – I guess this is pretty accurate since I have read most of Sherwood Smith’s novels. I followed her blog and the LJ community dedicated to fans of her books right after I fell in love with Crown Duel. I was even lucky enough to meet her in person back in 2009.

Ilona Andrews – No surprise here, I love both the Kate Daniels and the Edge series from this power couple.

Tamora Pierce and Robin McKinley – Can I just say that I love that these two authors are tied for third? They both write books with strong female protagonists and I’m a sucker for those. With Tamora Pierce, I think I’ve read only three of her series but I’m planning to read all of them. I’ve read most of Robin McKinley’s books, I only have Deerskin, Dragonhaven and her anthologies left unread.

Patricia Briggs – I’ve read Patricia Briggs urban fantasy and high fantasy books and I think I favor the latter. I really enjoyed her Hurog duology and highly recommend it to all fantasy fans.

Jennifer Crusie and Roald Dahl – I had a Crusieholic stage before and I still recommend Jennifer Crusie’s books whenever girlfriends ask for chick lit recommendations. It’s funny that she’s tied with Roald Dahl, one of my favorite authors as a child. I loved his books when I was younger – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The BFG, Matilda and The Witches.

J.K. Rowling, Cameron Dokey and Philip Pullman – Of course, I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books so those are the 7 books for J.K. Rowling. With Cameron Dokey, most of those books are for the fairy tale retellings in the Once Upon a Time series. And I’ve read and loved Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and his Sally Lockhart series. I should probably reread those so I can post reviews.

This list is based on the number of books that you’ve read by that author. It doesn’t take into consideration how many books were written by the author or anything like that so it’s really just a fun and simple way to discover who are some of your most read authors. Who are the authors in your list? Are you surprised by the results or not?


17 thoughts on “Goodreads Most Read Authors

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  2. This is a nice feature on Goodreads. Megan McCafferty came out as my top author, though it should be J.K. Rowling since I’ve read all Harry Potter books. I’ll do this again when I’ve updated my account. Btw, Stephenie Meyer is in my top 5, LOL!:)

    • I updated mine too! I didn’t have the Lemony Snicket books before so I added those. LOL let me know who else turns up on your list when you finish updating your Goodreads account.

  3. I didn’t realize this was a new feature on goodreads! Very cool. I was actually surprised at a few that showed up in my top 10. Oh, and I just started Magic Bites after hearing so many good things about it and it’s really great! Can’t wait to read more from her.

  4. Hahah! Love the list Chachic. I checked mine out a while back and noticed that Nalini Singh is my top read author. Thank you for introducing her to me! Nice post idea Chachic!

  5. Hi! No Eva Ibbotson? From my visits to your blog, I garner your a fan ^^. I haven’t read any of her books but I am planning to start with one of her children’s books like Journey to the River Sea or Star of Kazan. Have you read them?
    We only have J.K. Rowling and Philip Pullman in common. I haven’t read the latter’s Sally Lockhart series though but I plan to get them, will be looking forward to your review!
    I’m kind of big on fantasy too and will be checking out the books from your list of authors. My wishlist is growing longer by the minute ^^.

    • I am an Eva Ibbotson fan but I think I’ve only read around 6 of her books? Not sure. I’ve read Star of Kazan and I enjoyed it but I love her YA historical fiction books more.

      I hope I have time to reread the Sally Lockhart books soon! I read them when I was in grade school so I don’t remember everything but I do have copies of the books.

      Yay, I love fantasy too so I feature a lot of books that fall under that genre. Maybe you can check out my favorite books.

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