Meet Up With Marianne Villanueva

Photo courtesy of Jason

Last Saturday, December 18, I attended the meet up with Filipino author Marianne Villanueva, organized by Paolo. When Pao initially told me about this thing, I told him that I haven’t read any of her books but that I think it’s always good to meet authors in person. Good thing Marianne brought copies of The Lost Language and she was kind enough to sign them for us. It was a very casual get together, just a bunch of passionate readers and writers, hanging out at Libreria. I can’t even remember all of the things we talked about but off the top of my head, some of the topics we tackled were: Filipino American writers and how most of their work have a common theme, reactions of foreigners to Marianne’s work, updates on what she’s currently working on, reader-author interaction and how that affects the review process, translating foreign books to local dialects, local books and why most of them are collections of short stories instead of full-length novels. I’m sure there’s more but as always, I didn’t take any notes so I can’t remember all of them. Just that I had fun and it felt like we didn’t have enough time to talk about everything that we wanted to discuss. đŸ™‚

Thanks again, Pao (check out his post about it here) for organizing this and of course, Triccie for letting us meet in Libreria. Jason has written his own account of the meet up and Marianne wrote a follow-up post about it, where she answered some of Michelle’s questions.

3 thoughts on “Meet Up With Marianne Villanueva

  1. what struck me is the advice she gave to writers. something that went like, you learn to write by producing awful work, getting rejected, then learning from mistakes. she said that sending one’s work to publishers is a form of editing.

    paolo then mentioned that many writers in the country are terrified of submitting their work unless they feel the work is absolutely perfect. (paraphrased)

    i guess if our writers keep hemming and hawing very few works will end up getting into the hands of editors.

    it was a nice get-together, wasn’t it. i can’t remember, did you get to meet ruby of

    • I know, I remember that part. I think that was when Pao was saying that he wants to set up writing workshops here because we don’t have that. I remember Marianne saying that she didn’t even get to edit some of her work because she send them out as soon as she’s done.

      Yes, it really was a nice get together and just very casual, right? Libreria is starting to feel more and more like the book bloggers’ go-to place for meet ups. Hmm I’m not sure if I was able to meet Ruby.

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