Book Locket

Whenever I exchange Christmas gifts with my barkadas (groups of friends), we like to open our presents on the spot so we can see firsthand each other’s reactions. We usually end up giving “group gifts”, meaning the same item for everyone in the group because it’s easier. More personalized gifts are given in other special occasions like birthdays or despedidas (going away parties). This year, I gave local chick lit books to my college friends and humor books to my high school friends. So it feels like a special treat when you get something a little more personal. This is my favorite out of all the Christmas gifts that I’ve received so far:

It’s a book locket! Isn’t it cute? I should’ve taken a picture of what it looks like when the locket opens but the inside is still empty. Anyway, here’s another view:

Another great thing about it is my friend bought it from Accessorize in Singapore without knowing that we have branches of that store here in the Philippines and that it’s actually one of my favorites. They have really cute and fun accessories there.

Just wanted to share my non-book bookish gift. What about you, have you opened any presents? Any favorites so far?

10 thoughts on “Book Locket

  1. That is very cool. Your friend did well with the bookish motif!

    I opened presents because the husband and I were going to visit family and didn’t want to carry everything across country. It was all books for me 🙂 I should probably post the list. I’ll do that soon.

    • I know, she really knows me well, right? 🙂

      Oh good that you got books. I only receive books when I put them on my wishlist for my birthday. Otherwise, I only get GCs from bookstores because people don’t know what kind of books I like. Yes, please post your list! I’d love to see it.

  2. Oooh pretty. 😀

    This is the year I got a lot of books, much thanks to the Goodreads people obviously. 🙂 I brought home 10 books yesterday, 5 were gifts, 5 grabbed. I’m still waiting for that dry seal but I have a feeling I’m going to have to wait for that on my birthday. ^^

    • Still empty at the moment! I tried printing a picture of our barkada but you could barely distinguish our faces when I scaled it down to the proper size. I might leave it empty for a while.

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