Queen’s Thief Giveaway Winner

So the winner of my Queen’s Thief giveaway is… *drum roll please*

Heather Z.

and her answer is:

Signed? What body part did you have to sacrifice for that? o.O

Seriously, I loved having Gen in the YA Fantasy Showdown (and I was so glad it came down to Howl and him. It was beyond perfect for me, even though it was never remotely anticipated that way).

I would do a week-long FEATURE of this series if I were to win it (even though it would be breaking my cardinal rule of featuring unknown fiction. But the awesome may make up for it. This series is truly incredible).

Thieves always seems to have this enormous heart to them in fiction. I must say I have a soft spot for them. Eugenides always my favorite. And Eugene from the recent Tangled definitely has my heart right now too. (Eugene, Eugenides… Correlation? I think so).

Congratulations! I may put you up to that week-long feature. 😛 I also thought it was great that Gen and Howl were the finalists in the YA Fantasy Showdown. Thank you to everyone who joined and I’m really sorry there could only be one winner. I loved hearing about your favorite thieves in fiction. Gen was a popular answer, of course. So was Robin Hood. Other answers include George Cooper, Arsene Lupin, Artemis Fowl, Mundungus Fletcher, Liesel Meminger, Locke Lamora and so many others. I should check out all of the books that you guys mentioned because I’m fond of thieves.

Anyway, to those who are wondering, I didn’t give an arm or a leg for these signed copies. I wasn’t even able to meet MWT in person since I live in the Philippines. I just ordered them from the indie bookstore Mysterious Galaxy and MWT was nice enough to drop by the store and sign the books when I purchased them. Not sure if she’s still based in San Diego though.

Comments are like chocolate. :) Maraming salamat / thank you!

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