Amazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

Amazing Grace is another chick lit book by a Filipino author. I was browsing online when, surprise, surprise, I saw that it’s available in Book Depository. I think this is one of three Asian chick lit novels published by Marshall Cavendish. I think it’s great that Filipino authors of women’s fiction are getting recognition and that these books are available internationally. I believe they are also available in local bookstores in other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore. I reread and reviewed Tara FT Sering’s other book, Between Dinner and the Morning After, a few days ago and really liked it so I was hoping for the same reaction for this one.

Here’s the summary from the publisher’s website:

Grace has finally gotten The Ring! From whom she thinks is The One! And she’s thrilled to her toes about it, never mind the fact that Mike-The-One is moving overseas for work, that he hardly has time to talk, that he doesn’t answer her calls, that his emails comprise a serious dearth of words, and that a leggy blonde appears in nearly all his photos … right?

Determined not to lose Mike, Grace surprises him with a visit and finds herself on a furious chase spanning three countries in a bid to save her unplanned wedding, her unborn children, her heart and her sanity…

But it will all be worth it, won’t it? After all, The One wouldn’t — no, couldn’t — have found Another One, could he?

A lot of Filipino girls in their late twenties will be able to relate to Grace and what she’s going through – how she’s constantly pressured by friends and family to settle down and get married to the point that she agrees to go on several blind dates. She gets lucky on her seventh try when she meets Mike and they hit it off. They start dating regularly and two years later, he proposes. Unfortunately, Mike has to move to a different country for work and that’s when their relationship problems start. We all know how difficult long distance relationships are, more so when one of the parties doesn’t seem committed to the relationship. The writing style takes some getting used to as Tara FT Sering uses the second person point of view, which I don’t usually encounter.

While it was fun to read Grace’s adventures as she navigates the tricky waters of love, I don’t agree with some of the choices that she made throughout the book. I mean seriously, Mike was the one at fault and Grace still decides to go after him to try and salvage their dying relationship. I wanted to smack her and tell her not to bother going after someone who’s obviously not that into her anymore. I guess the author needed a reason for Grace to hop from one country to another and experience several things that will help her with her realizations. I still enjoyed reading the book as a whole as there were some funny scenes that made me smile. I also liked where the author went with the ending. I’m going to be on the lookout for Tara FT Sering’s other books and I hope she comes out with new titles soon. I recommend this to anyone who’s interested in chick lit and Asian cultures, it’s light and fluffy so very easy to read.

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8 thoughts on “Amazing Grace by Tara FT Sering

  1. Sounds good , and i have to agree with you ..If he’s at fault why bother …:)

    It’s a good thing to know that it’s avariable Internationally ..:)

    • He’s not worth the trouble, right? But I guess it was needed in the story so the heroine could travel from Manila to Bangkok to Hong Kong.

      I was happy to see that this is available internationally! I’m hoping that more people can to read it because of that.

  2. I think when you get to a certain age and when you feel like time is running out, you’d make some choices that are pretty silly when you think about it, even if the other guy is obviously at fault.

    Not that I’m speaking based on experience, of course. Haha. But like you, I’m glad where the author went with the ending. 🙂

    • She did realize she was making a mistake (later rather than sooner, LOL) but the book redeemed itself in my eyes because of what happened in the end (and the events leading up to that).

      I hope the next batch of Summit books come out soon! I want to give them a try.

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