FBB Meet Up in Libreria

So, so, so. You’ve all heard me talk about Filipino Book Bloggers several times on the blog. Last Saturday, November 13, we had our second meet up, which was held in the wonderful Libreria Bookstore in Cubao X (click on the link to learn more about the bookstore). Thanks again to Triccie for having us. 🙂 Those who attended were: Aaron, Jason, Kenneth, Will, Tarie, Blooey, Peter, Rhett, Michelle, Honey and Tina catched up.

The general consensus after the first meet up was that we should meet in a place more conducive to discussion and that we shouldn’t start with serious topics right off the bat. I’d like to think we were able to accomplish that with this meet up. We started off with the Filipino Friday topic of how blogging and real life overlap. We then proceeded to talk about anything and everything related to the local book blogosphere. I can’t even remember all the topics that we covered but off the top of my head, we discussed – negative reviews and whether we should write them, the local book blogging scene and how we’re all trying to read more books by Filipino authors, plagiarism which Kenneth will discuss next Filipino Friday, idol book bloggers, WordPress vs. Blogger, the advantage of having your own domain, blog stats, blog headers (and how I look like the girl in mine), the popularity of romance novels, reviewing books by a writer friend and many other things. What’s funny is that Libreria customers will come in while we were all discussing and there were times when one of us would stand up to grab a book or refill a coffee cup. Thanks to Kenneth for sponsoring our coffee! 🙂

After the discussions, we headed to Singapore Chicken to have dinner. After which, we did the usual rounds in the bookstores in the area – Book Sale and Fully Booked – then decided to head back to Libreria to have our second dinner and buy more books. We ordered from Bellini’s and had the food sent to Libreria (isn’t it neat that we could do that?) where we proceeded to eat with gusto while still discussing books. Triccie was kind enough to let us open a couple of boxes of books that she has and it felt like opening gifts for Christmas. Here’s a picture of my spinach and ham ravioli with truffle cream sauce:

So I had a book-filled Saturday that was a lot of fun thanks to my fellow Filipino book bloggers and I hope to experience something like this soon! Maybe early next year since I know everyone will be busy with holiday plans in December. 🙂

Other accounts of the meet up:

More pictures can be found here.

18 thoughts on “FBB Meet Up in Libreria

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    • Yes! If December wasn’t such a busy month for most people then I’d propose we have it next month. LOL but January is a good idea since it would make the frequency of the meet ups every other month.

  2. Oh man…that dish looks AMAZING! What a cool network of bloggers. Do you all live fairly close to each other or are you guys kind of all over the country?

    You guys are also really on task if you talked so serious about things! You should write up what you all thought about those topics (I still need to go and read the other meetup posts).

    Oh, and I don’t think that you look like the girl in your header. Your hair is different and your eyes are you know…more alive. Oh, and you don’t look like you’re five years old. Hahaha! I do like your header though, but I wouldn’t say you look like that doll. 😛

    • We all live in Manila, Carin. 🙂 It’s too expensive if you live in a province far from Manila and you have to fly over just for the meet up.

      Can you believe this is just our second meet up? We talked about all of those things probably because some of them are topics that have been brought up in the blogosphere lately. I’d love to do more detailed write ups but I can’t recall everything that was said.

      LOL I think it’s funny that people think I look like the girl in my header. Do I have glassy eyes? 😛 I like the design though, I think it’s cute.

    • Holly, don’t be jealous! I know there are a lot of book bloggers in Utah and there are also a lot of authors over there. I hope you can join the next Utah meet up. 🙂

  3. We were more productive this time around than the last time. Libreira should really be the fbb’s official hangout place! Too bad, I wasn’t able to enjoy the coffee. I hope we get tea or chocolate next time!

    The photo you posted is funny!! Jason is hiding behind a book and Will! lol 😀

    • Yes, we can meet there whenever we want to. It doesn’t hurt that Cubao also has Book Sale, Fully Booked and National branches. 🙂 You should suggest that to Triccie – sell tea or chocolate as well. I think we were able to discuss more because the place was quiet.

      LOL that’s the nicest group picture that I have! It’s still kind of blurry.

    • Libreria said you’re very welcome to hang out at her bookshop anytime, Aaron. I believe your book sorting ability really impressed a lot of people. 😛

    • Hi Chris, it really was a lot of fun! Hope you could make it next time. 🙂 We’ll probably plan something early next year since people are usually busy during December.

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