Between Dinner and the Morning After by Tara FT Sering

Between Dinner and the Morning After by Tara FT Sering is one of the local chick lit books that I collected back when I was in college. It was published in 2005 and I believed it’s now out of print because I haven’t seen it around local bookstores. I bought a copy of Amazing Grace by the same author recently and I thought it would be good to re-read this one before I read Amazing Grace. If anyone knows where I could but brand new copies of this book, please let me know!

Here’s the summary from Goodreads (which is the first page that I created as a librarian, yay):

Although it’s taking her eccentric boss forever to give Abi a break, its fine — at least she’s got a job. It pays the shopping bills and keeps her busy.

Although she’s no longer happy with her boyfriend, it’s cool — he’s perfect for her mother and her friends.

That is, until someone she was in love with eight years ago returns to the picture.

Suddenly, it all boils down to the past vs. the present: Current okay life or the possibility of something better?

She has overnight to decide.

Abigail Cortes is 29 and she’s stuck in a rut. She’s working for the number one furniture designer in the country but she’s stuck as a minion with tasks such as grocery shopping for her boss’ dogs. She’s in a two-year relationship with a guy that a lot of people would consider quite a catch but she feels like the relationship has lost its spark. Her prospects brighten up when she receives a random email from a guy she met in Dumaguete eight years ago. Juno isn’t quite Abi’s ex-boyfriend because they only spent a few days together but those days were memorable. So when Juno suggests that they meet for New Year’s Eve in San Francisco, Abi has to decide whether she’s willing to leave everything behind for a chance at true love.

I really couldn’t remember anything about the story, which is a good thing in this case because it felt like I was reading the book for the first time. This goes to show how a book never changes but your perception of it does. I probably couldn’t relate to the characters five years ago so the story didn’t stick in my mind. I’m happy to announce that that is no longer the case now because I enjoyed reading about Abi and the trials and tribulations of her life. The story jumps back in time several times but it never gets confusing. Throughout the book, Abi interacts with a bunch of quirky characters that add depth to her story. Here’s my favorite line from the book:

“If he was meant for you, you will be brought together, and you should expect the world from that. You cannot wish for something without conviction.”

The ending left me smiling, I can’t say any more than that for fear of spoilers. If you get a chance to grab a copy of this book then I encourage you to do so because out of all the local chick lit books out there, I think this is one of the better ones. Sorry international readers but I don’t think this is available outside the Philippines.

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