In My Mailbox: October 24

In My Mailbox is a meme hosted by Kristi of The Story Siren and was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie. This meme is about books that you received or bought during the week.

The most exciting thing that I received this week is, of course, my Kindle. I know I already announced it here but I knew I had to include it in my IMM post this week.

I bought a used copy of Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn, which is a sci-fi retelling of Jane Eyre. I received a review copy of The Jumbee by Pamela Keyes, which is a modern-day retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. Can you guys tell that I like retellings? Last but not the least, I received Linda Gillard’s books – Emotional Geology and Star Gazing – which I ordered from the author herself. I decided to get copies because Angie and Holly both recommend Linda Gillard’s books. The books aren’t available locally so I contacted Linda for signed copies.

All in all, a pretty good book week for me. What about you, what did you get in your mailbox?

29 thoughts on “In My Mailbox: October 24

  1. Again: yay, Kindle! Do you name your gadgets? Will you name your Kindle? 😛

    Oooh, how did you get your review copy of Jumbee? I’m curious about that book, but I haven’t really watched Phantom of the Opera *hides*. I’d go and request review copies too, but I really don’t think I have the time to read them anytime soon, so I don’t. ^^ Except maybe if I really, really want the book.

    Have a great week, Chachic!

    • Tina, no, I don’t name my gadgets. 🙂

      Um, someone contacted me and asked if I was willing to review The Jumbee and Dark Road to Darjeeling and I said yes. First time that I was offered review copies. I watched The Phantom of the Opera movie but I haven’t read the original novel. I don’t even know when I’ll get around to reading the two review books that I got! I’m not going to think about it because I don’t want to be pressured. LOL.

  2. Ok your like the 2nd person who’s gotten a kindle. 😦 I’m debating on whether or not to just go ahead and buy myself one. I don’t think I can wait til christmas to ask for it. Looks like you made out good..Happy reading

  3. Wow, this is a nice mailbox! Jenna Starborn looks interesting. I’d never heard of it. Excited to hear what you think of the Gillard books!

    • I just saw Jenna Starborn in a used bookstore and it says that it’s a retelling of Jane Eyre. Funny that I picked it up since I haven’t even read the original classic!

    • Hey Julie, you’ve read Linda Gillard’s books? I haven’t seen a lot of reviews about them but I look forward to reading them. It seems like they’re really good books.

  4. Will you post a review of Kindle a month into using it? 🙂

    also, my book pile has grown considerably because of the competition i’m holding over at my blog. haha. all my new books are filipino-written! 😀

    • Hey Jason, yes, I’m planning to post a review of the Kindle when I’ve read a couple of books on it. 🙂

      Congrats for getting more Filipino books! Looking forward to seeing your reviews of them and linking them in the Filipino Friday roundups.

    • Sharon Shinn is one of my favorite Fantasy authors and Jenna Starborn one of my favorite books. It’s like comfort food made extra special by the scifi elements. The intensity and pure love in the original Jane Eyre is perfectly recaptured in this book.

    • I love Sharon Shinn but I’ve only read her Samaria books and Summers at Castle Auburn. That’s why I was really interested when I saw Jenna Starborn. I really should bump up Jane Eyre in my TBR. I already have it in my Kindle and I started reading a few pages.

  5. The Jumbee looks fantastic! I really want to read that one. If you are interested in Jane Eyre, I have a giveaway going on my blog that only one person has entered so far… It’s for a ARC of “Jane” by April Lindner that is signed and personalized by the author. Great blog!

    • Hey shylockbooks, I hope you get to read The Jumbee soon! I already have the hardcover of Jane but since your contest is for a signed copy, I thought I’d give it a try. I’ll try to spread the word about it. 🙂

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