Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti

I featured this book as my Want Books pick back in July. I can’t remember where I first found out about this book but I know that it was Holly’s review that REALLY made me want to pick it up. I hunted for a copy in all the local bookstores and sadly, they didn’t have stocks of it. Lo and behold, I found a used copy in good condition in Book Sale. Yay for lucky finds!

Here’s the summary from Deb Caletti’s website:

Ruby McQueen is a sixteen-year-old high school student with the name, she thinks, of a rodeo cowgirl porn star, or, maybe worse, a Texas beauty queen runner-up. Ruby, ordinarily dubbed the Quiet Girl, finds herself hanging out with gorgeous, rich, thrill-seeking Travis Becker. With Travis, Ruby can be someone she’s never been before: Fearless. Powerful. But Ruby is in over her head, and finds herself risking more and more…

Based on the summary above, you’d think that this is just a contemporary YA novel with a love story. While the romance is a huge aspect of the novel, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart contains much more. This is a story about a teenage girl finding herself. She believes she’s in love with a bad boy when in fact, she’s more in love with the idea of falling in love. I could totally relate to Ruby even though she’s known as The Quiet Girl and I’ve never been the shy type. In fact, I’m the opposite because I’m outgoing and really talkative. But Ruby’s experiences in this book are universal. I also enjoyed reading about the secondary characters. Ruby’s relationship with her librarian mother is pretty interesting and I like her closeness to her offbeat brother. The Casserole Queens, the book club for old people that Ruby’s mother handles, also has a fascinating set of members. Each geriatric person has a unique personality and they’re all so quirky. From time to time, they also spout out some sort of wisdom, probably the kind that comes with old age. The road trip orchestrated by the Casserole Queens is one of the highlights of the book. Old people rock!

There are so many good lines in this book, I wanted to pause every time I found one so I could mark it. Good thing Goodreads has a feature where you can add your favorite quotes in a book. Here’s one of my favorites:

“A man’s identity is complete through action, a woman’s, when she has a man. Through him. We fall off our high heels into the narrow crevasse of what it means to be female. Let me tell you. You fall in love and you think you’re finding yourself. But too often you’re looking inside him for you, and that’s a fact. There’s only one place you can find yourself.” She patted her chest.

This quote goes out to all my single girl friends out there! I know I keep saying this about well-written YA books that I discover nowadays but I really wish I could have read this when I was a teenager. It’s a beautiful book that tackles a topic that probably every teenager has experienced – how you try to change yourself because of other people. I know I went through that phase. This doesn’t mean that the book doesn’t have its share of humor because it does. Ruby is pretty funny and I found myself chuckling in certain scenes of the book. Plus like I mentioned earlier, the book has a great set of characters. I even liked the guy who owns the whale van even though he had such a small role in the book! I highly recommend this one and I hope more people get to read it. This is the first Deb Caletti book that I’ve read but if her other books are as good as this, then I’m excited to read the rest of them.

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13 thoughts on “Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti

  1. I’ve heard that other Deb Caletti books are a hit or miss, although this one seems to be her best. I have Wild Roses but I haven’t started it yet. ^^ Great review, Chachic!

    Oh, and I like that quote, too. πŸ™‚

    • I plan to read her other books because I liked this one so much. πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know what I think of them when I get around to reading them. I already have a copy of The Queen of Everything, which I got on sale.

  2. LOVE this book. I felt disturbingly familiar with Ruby’s situation and I really wish I’d had this book when I was her age. I want to pass this book to all the teenage girls I know and say, “Read this! Know who you are!”

    Love whale van dude. πŸ˜‰

    • Angie, I felt the same way! If only the book was available here, I’d buy copies and give them to my girlfriends. It really is about knowing who you are.

      Whale van dude is awesome, isn’t he? I wanted to see more of him!

  3. Deb Caletti is one of my FAVORITE YA authors. She’s so underrated in this blogosphere, in the world in general. All of her books have so much depth and brilliance and I could go on and on and on. LOVE HER.

    • Robby, you’re right, Deb Caletti isn’t that popular when it comes to the blogosphere. I haven’t heard much about her books. It’s good to know that her other works are really good as well. I’m more curious about them now!

  4. Yay! You liked it. That’s a great point that it’s about changing yourself for other people. Who doesn’t need that advice at some time in their life? Love that quote too. I remember it standing out to me. Maybe we can get more people to read this book one review at a time.

    Also I totally agree with Angie. Whale van dude rocks! I knew the first time we saw him it wouldn’t be the last although he has such a bit part.

    • So many quotes from this book stood out for me, even the quote that you included in your review. πŸ™‚ I liked that one because it’s about books. Oooh I forgot to mention that I also enjoyed seeing the references to some of my childhood favorites like From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

      Me too, I kept thinking, “I hope whale van dude makes an appearance again.”

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