Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Look at that cover, isn’t it gorgeous? That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to read Firelight by Sophie Jordan. The premise also seemed interesting since it’s about dragons. This one is available in hardcover in Fully Booked for P599.

Here’s the summary from Sophie Jordan’s website:

With her rare ability to breathe fire, Jacinda is special even among the draki β€” the descendants of dragons who can shift between human and dragon forms. But when Jacinda’s rebelliousness leads her family to flee into the human world, she struggles to adapt, even as her draki spirit fades. The one thing that revives it is Will, whose family hunts her kind. Jacinda can’t resist getting closer to him, even though she knows she’s risking not only her life but the draki’s most closely guarded secret.

At first I thought this one is an epic fantasy novel, probably because you don’t see a lot of dragons in urban fantasy. A few pages in and I knew that it was going to be a YA paranormal romance. Same old Romeo and Juliet love story but with a draki and a hunter as its main characters. At one point, Will even said, “the hunter has fallen in love with his prey.” For me, this sounds mighty similar to, “and the lion fell in love with the lamb.” So if you go for those kinds of books, then this one is right up your alley. I’m not a huge fan of books like this because all of them tend to be similar.

Still, I liked the draconic lore intertwined in the story – how draki are descendants of ancient dragons and how they’re able to shift from human form to draki form. There are a lot of different draki types with various special abilities – there are those who can stay under water, those who specialize in herbs and healing and so on and so forth. Jacinda is special because they haven’t had a fire-breather draki for hundreds of years. Firelight is the first in a series and there’s so much more than can be explored in this world in the next books. It was interesting to read Firelight and I didn’t have a hard time finishing the book but I’m not sure if I’ll pick up the next one in the series. The book focused more on the romance when I would’ve liked to know more about the history and lifestyle of the draki. I know it will find a lot of fans though because YA paranormal romance is a big thing right now.

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16 thoughts on “Firelight by Sophie Jordan

    • Oh you were able to attend a talk that she gave? Were you able to have a copy signed? πŸ™‚ I still recommend that you give this one a try because all the other reviews that I linked to thought that the book was really good. I may be biased because YA urban fantasy isn’t my cup of tea.

  1. The cover is gorgeous. Is this story similar to the whole “lion and the lamb” business or just a similar metaphor? I guess what I’m really asking is if Jacinda is a weak, dependent character like said “lamb”?

    • Hey Catherine, it’s just a similar metaphor. Jacinda is not as weak as the “lamb.” I find it funny that we don’t even want to say her name. I hope you still give it a try since other people seemed to like this a lot better than I did.

    • April, I usually like romance in my books too but I don’t know why I had a lukewarm reaction to this one. I think it’s because most YA paranormal books are just so similar lately, I feel like they don’t have enough oomph.

      I hope Sophie Jordan writes more about the draki in the latter books.

  2. Er, paranormal romance again. Sigh. I’m still avoiding that genre and I wonder when I’ll be able to pick one up again. This seemed very interesting but it was never in my priority list so I haven’t gotten it yet.

    Oh and I echo catherinecw’s question up there — is Jacinda a strong protagonist or is she like the lamb that we all know? :p

    • Tina, I’m not a fan of the genre either. πŸ˜› Although I know there are a lot of people out there who love these kinds of books.

      I answered Catherine’s question above. πŸ™‚

  3. I was just looking at this earlier today, wondering if I wanted to buy it. I mean, I really like paranormal romance, and I like dragons. I don’t particularly like overly cliched romances though (as Romeo & Juliet -esqe books tend to be). I may still try to read it though.

    • Erin, you should give this one a try if you’re into paranormal romance. If you click on the other reviews that I linked, they all gave good reviews of the book. Let me know what you think if/when you end up reading it!

    • Hey Susan, it is slightly different from the other YA paranormal romances out there in the sense that it has draki instead of vampires and werewolves. But essentially, the feel of the story is still the same.

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  5. This sounds good to me, but I am a fan of paranormal romance. Have one of my own works in progress right now that falls in that genre. Anyways, this reminds me of Shana Abe’s paranormal romance series. Sounds very similar. I would bet Sophie Jordan is a Shana Abe fan. Her series is only 4 long at the moment. They are The Shadow Thief, The Dream Thief, Queen of Dragons and The Time Weaver. A very good series to read if paranormal romance is your thing.

    • Opps! I missed listing Treasure Keeper in there for in SHana Abe’s series. SO there are 5 books, not 4. Treasure Keeper is the fourth one before The Time Weaver. Treasure Keeper was my favorite and The Time Weaver was my least favorite. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Tricia, thanks for the recommendation but I’m not really a fan of paranormal romance, which was why I was disappointed when I read this one. If you’re a fan of that subgenre, I have a feeling you’ll like this because so many other bloggers posted positive reviews of it.

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