BBAW Unexpected Treasure

BBAW is so much fun! This is my first time to participate and I have a feeling I’m going to join in again next year. I enjoy browsing through everyone else’s posts and leaving comments. Anyway, for today, the topic is: Unexpected Treasure – We invite you to share with us a book or genre you tried due to the influence of another blogger. What made you cave in to try something new and what was the experience like?”

Ever since I started reading, I’ve always known that I liked fantasy. Later on, I discovered that I was more into epic fantasy or high fantasy than anything else. I wasn’t really into urban fantasy until I found out about an amazing series from fellow book bloggers – the Kate Daniels books by Ilona Andrews. Turns out, I just haven’t been reading the right kind of urban fantasy books. I can’t even remember who was the first one who recommended this series but I do remember that several book blogger friends were excited when Magic Bleeds came out this year. After hearing so many good things about the series, I decided to give it a try and the rest, as they say, is history. I fell in love with Kate Daniels and I’ve been singing her praises ever since. I’ve gotten other friends to read the books and they’ve all enjoyed them as well. So thank you fellow book bloggers for encouraging me to read what has become one of my favorite series! 🙂

For those who are interested in my reading experience of these books, click on the images below for my reviews. I promise, I didn’t include any spoilers so it’s safe to check them out even though you’ve never read the books.

What about the others out there, what are your picks for your BBAW Unexpected Treasure?

28 thoughts on “BBAW Unexpected Treasure

  1. Someone at my local B&N recommended these books to me when she saw I had Lisa Shearin’s Armed and Magical books in my book pile.

    I’d forgotten the name – but I did remember she said they all have “magic” in them. I’ll have to check them out now that you’ve reminded me!

    • Hi Lydia Presley, I’m glad someone recommended this series to you in your local B&N! I actually have the first two Armed and Magical books and I’ve heard good things about them but I haven’t read them yet. I hope you get to pick up the Kate Daniels books soon. 🙂

      • Really? Good to hear that you liked them, Michelle! I look forward to reading them. Although at this point, I really don’t know when I’ll get around to reading some of the books in my TBR pile. 😛

    • Me too! I devoured these books and I couldn’t stop thinking about them after reading. So glad I gave in and read them. Michelle, you were one of the bloggers who influenced me to read Ilona Andrews!

  2. I am halfway done with Magic Burns. You were right…I love this series! I bow to your opinions Chachic!!! hehehehe

    I can’t wait to read the whole series and continue on with The Dresden Files as well which is pretty similar to the Kate Daniels series. Love it. Thanks for convincing me to read it despite the corny covers!

    • Yay Carin, so glad you decided to read this series! And you’re reading along with Bella so it’s fun to see your tweets about the books. Can’t wait for you to finish these so we can discuss them all.

      The Dresden Files has been recommended several times but there are just too many books in the series for me. Maybe when my TBR goes down to two digits, I can think about getting those books.

  3. I’ve really got to pick this series up. I’m not normally an urban fantasy fan either, but I’ve read so many glowing reviews of these books that I think I’ve got to take the pluge and give ’em a go.

    • Believe me, I really wasn’t a fan until I read this series. I’ve read a couple of urban fantasy books and I felt like the genre wasn’t for me until I discovered Kate Daniels. I hope you give them a try!

    • That’s the novella that tells the story of how Kate met Saiman, right? Haven’t read that one but I’ve heard of it. I hope the novella made you more curious about the books. 🙂

  4. I turn out to be a complete cover-snob because I would never have picked up one of those because of the cover. It seems you really enjoyed them though so maybe I should give them a try?

    • Iris, you really should pick them up! Don’t look at the covers if they bother you because it really is an amazing urban fantasy series 🙂 If you like strong female protagonists and snarky humor then you will really enjoy this.

      Look, Carin isn’t even done reading all of the books but she’s already recommending them! *beams*

    • Hey thanks for dropping by here even though we’ve been talking about these books over at Twitter. I’m going to try the October Daye series because you mentioned that the third book is really good and it’s your second UF favorite after Kate Daniels. 🙂

    • I remember we read these books around the same time, right? It was such a nice experience knowing that someone else in another continent was being wowed by the same books. 🙂

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