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So I said I’ll write a post about Fully Booked special order service as soon as I get the books that I ordered. Several people have already asked about this service. So what is it exactly? I know I usually complain about the non-availability of books here in the Philippines and how hard it is to look for some of the books that I want. This problem is solved by Fully Booked’s special order service, where they can order any book that you want at no extra charge and with no down payment needed. With other bookstores, they ask you to pay for shipping which usually makes the book cost twice as much. I wonder why people avail of that service when they can order directly online if they’re willing to pay for shipping? Anyway, with Fully Booked’s service, you can order any book that’s still on print, even if they don’t have it in their current database.

What’s the downside of this service? It takes four to eight weeks for the books to get here because they consolidate orders from one publisher. Patience is a virtue that I don’t have so I keep bugging the customer service people to ask them if my order has arrived. Sorry for that, customer service people! It’s just that I want to get the books as soon as possible.

So how do you go about ordering? Call any Fully Booked branch and tell them the title and author of the book that you’re requesting together with your name and contact number. I’m sure you can also email Lucy at lucy@fullybookedonline.com with the same information. You can also follow Lucy on Twitter and Facebook. Also, there’s a special order form found in their website.

The first special order book that I got was Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken and I have a review of it over here. I guess Fully Booked ordered a lot of books from Egmont USA (Brightly Woven‘s publisher) because I got the book only two weeks after I ordered it. It was P699 for the hardcover edition, which is the usual price for those kinds of books.

For my next order, I decided to ask for copies of Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay, which still hasn’t arrived, and the President’s Daughter series, which arrived in the Trinoma branch yesterday. The trade paperback books cost P460 each for The President’s Daughter, White House Autumn, Long Live the Queen and P828 for Long May She Reign. I asked why the last book is almost double the price of the first three when they all have the same publisher and they come in the same edition. They said that it’s probably because it was the first time that they got the book? I don’t know, maybe they also got it at a higher price from the publisher. In any case, I didn’t really mind.

So, have any of you given this service a try? Leave a comment about your experience if you have. 🙂 This is a service that I just discovered and I have a feeling I’m going to take advantage of it frequently. Although next time, I probably won’t order series books. The self is happy but the bank account isn’t. 😛

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  1. That last book was expensive!

    I remember telling you before that I tried the form on their website. I didn’t get any reply though, so I guess it’s really better to just call them up.

    But I will definitely try this out sometime.

    • I know! At that point, I just wanted to get things over with. I wanted to have a complete set and I didn’t want to wait to find a cheaper copy of the last book.

      Oh yeah, you mentioned that. But I thought you did that for the wishlist and not for the special order? So I guess it’s better if you call or email them.

      • Hmmm, I don’t remember anymore. But I think the function of the Wish List and the Special Order is almost the same…a bit redundant actually. I guess I just wanted to check how efficient they are in email communications too. Now I know to just email Lucy directly or just give them a call.

      • Oh you have a point there, the wishlist and special order services are very similar. Yes, I think it’s better if you email Lucy directly or if you call one of their branches.

  2. I have! 🙂 I personally think Fullybooked has the best bookstore staff in the PH. They’re very nice and accommodating. You can even reserve books online and pick them up the day after! I inquired about Shannon Hale books weeks ago. Unfortunately, they don’t have them on print, but they told me they can order copies for me. 🙂 I got them last weekend from the High Street branch without extra charge! 🙂 It was so nice, considering how there aren’t too many bookstores that sell hard-to-find titles in our country.
    I hope you enjoy reading your The President’s Daughter series!

    • They really have the best staff! I love it whenever I go to one of their branches and the people there recognize me. Oh I’ve never tried reserving books online but I always give them a call when I want to reserve a book.

      Yay for your Shannon Hale books! She’s really an awesome author and one of my favorites. I hope you’ll enjoy reading her books. 🙂 I’m excited to read The President’s Daughter series but I’m reserving them for the weekend so I’ll have uninterrupted reading time.

      Thanks for sharing your special order experience!

  3. well said, i know a bookstore that gives an extra charge for the special order. thank God there’s fully booked, so hail to them.
    btw, just stumbled upon your blog so i might as well add you to my blogroll. bookworms rule!

    • LOL, I think we all know what bookstore is that. We only have a handful of bookstores here in the Philippines after all. Thanks for dropping by the blog! 🙂

  4. I haven’t used that special order service from them yet (because I use my dad to do that haha), but the idea that they have it is awesome. 😀 More and more reasons to love Fully Booked! 🙂

    • Oh where is your dad based? It’s good that you can ask him to send you books! I’d probably do the same if I had a parent based abroad although I’d also be scolded for the number of books that I get. 😛 Yes, more reasons to love Fully Booked!

      • My dad’s in Saipan. It’s US territory so shipping is cheaper. I had my Kindle shipped to him before my mom handcarried it home. 🙂 He’s never scolded me for getting too many books for order, but then again I have pay for it every time I order something, as opposed to when I was in college he gives them to me as gifts. 😀 Ah those were the days.

      • Oh that’s good then! Now you can try this service or Book Depository because you don’t have to pay for shipping. 🙂 They’re making it easier for bookaholics like us.

        College days when books were given as gifts by parents, yes, those were the days!

  5. I’ve just tried it by accident, with Sweet Misfortune.

    I remember you gave me their e-mail address before, and while searching for books online, I came across Sweet Misfortune and Married with Zombies. So I sent an e-mail to the address you gave me, to ask if they have copies of the book available in any of the branches.

    It took around a month for Sweet Misfortune to get here. Probably longer for Married with Zombies as it was just released last week. =)

    Nice service, but I probably won’t use it for books that I want to get ASAP.

    • Oh so you weren’t really planning on getting Sweet Misfortune by special order? It’s just that they didn’t have it on stock so they decided to order the book for you? That’s funny! I’m glad it worked out for you though. I remember when you first asked about this service. Yes, you can’t really use this service for books that you want ASAP. Maybe you can try Book Depository for that. I think it’ll take around two weeks for books to get here.

      • re: Book Depository, same as Amazon then? =)

        And yep, I wasn’t planning on ordering Sweet Misfortune through special order. I was actually surprised when they informed me that they’re ordering it for me.

        Also, remember when I told you I had my Mockingjay reservation canceled? Apparently, no one canceled it. I got a text message earlier today telling me that my copy has arrived. =/

        While I love Fully Booked, they tend to be flaky when it comes to reservations. Or is it just me? Haha.

      • I heard from Celina that Book Depository delivers straight to your house, unlike Amazon deliveries which you still have to pick up in the post office.

        I guess it’s okay that they ordered it for you since there’s no extra charge anyway.

        Really? I think they’re like that sometimes. They still have to work on some kinks but they’re still the best bookstore here. Did you see my IMM post the other day? They put my special order books on the shelves because a name wasn’t included when the books were delivered. I didn’t make a big deal out of it anymore since I got the books anyway.

  6. really? Then you can order graphic novels or manga with no extra charge?
    Wow! I really have to try that out. When the books arrive, will we have to pick them up at their The Fort branch? Or can it be transferred to a branch you prefer? 🙂

  7. What type of special order did you use? Do you call fullybooked or just email them or use the special order form? Lots of questions, I know! It’s just that I would like to try this one.

  8. Hi! I just learned about fully booked online store. I’m wondering if you know if they are able to deliver the books right at your doorstep? So I don’t have to go to any branch to pick-up my order/s. And do you have any idea as to how much they charge for the shipping fee? Thanksie! 🙂

    • Hi Daisy! I’m not sure if they deliver books straight to your house, you can probably ask them that on their website or through Facebook or Twitter. Based on my own experience, I usually pick up my orders in the branch nearest my house. 😛

  9. Hi Daisy!! 🙂 For books that are in our online database: http://www.fullybookedonline.com, we do deliver to your doorstep! 🙂 Kindly refer to this link for the shipping/handling fees: https://www.myregalo.com/fullybooked/shipping.asp. 🙂 For books that aren’t online, but are available in the store, you may email me at lucy@fullybookedonline.com so I can upload the title online for you to order! Sorry — we are uploading books everyday but still there are TOO MANY to have a complete online database!! 🙂

    Hi Chachic! So sweet of you to write this entry up. I’m happy that we were able to be of help to you!! 🙂 I will definitely share this entry with our buyers so they can see how their hard work pays off!! 😀 Have a great week, dear!! 🙂

    • Hi Ms. Lucy! Thank you for the information. My daughter and I are so happy to learn about fully-booked’s online service. I have already bookmarked your site. God bless! 😀

  10. Just want to fangirl “Tigana” by Guy Gavriel Kay here. Such a great book! I actually got a copy for a friend from Fully Booked Promenade but it was the only copy. Hope you get your copies soon!

    • Oh I already have my copy of Tigana but I haven’t read it yet because it’s such a thick book, I feel like I have to be in the right mood to read something like that. 😛 I wrote this post way back in September 2010.

  11. Hi , just want to ask if the book you ordered is delivered on you or you have to get them in any branch of fully booked ? 🙂

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