YA Fantasy Showdown

What’s the latest buzz around the interwebs lately? Well for YA fantasy fans, it’s the YA Fantasy Showdown! I mentioned it briefly here a couple of days ago but I haven’t had a chance to talk about it again. I’ve been checking it out every day though! It’s so fun to read the battles and try to decide who to vote for. Some are easy because I’m not familiar with all of the characters but when two favorites are battling it out, it can be a difficult choice.

For the final round, Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones and Eugenides from the Queen’s Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner were the last two standing. Read the final battle here. I loved the battle that they wrote, it was so hilarious! Very fitting for both characters, you can really see them go drinking instead of dueling and I love the bit about the wives. The winner line in that one is “What a lie that was!” If you’ve read both books, you can appreciate how awesome that final battle is. If you don’t know who these characters are, you better go read these books! I love Howl but I love Gen more so I’m doing a little happy dance because Gen won (by a small margin) although I wouldn’t have minded a tie. I don’t have a review of Howl’s Moving Castle but here’s my review of the first three books in the Queen’s Thief series.

So, so, so. Did you guys enjoy the battles? Who were you rooting for? 🙂

6 thoughts on “YA Fantasy Showdown

  1. Yay for Gen! I was rooting for him at least in the final battle because I don’t know Howl, but even if I did, I think I would’ve still voted for Gen. He’s just plain freaking awesome. ❤ him.

    • Oh Holly, I hope you’ll get to read Howl’s Moving Castle soon! Here’s a little trivia: MWT loves DWJ! Well, I think she does because she has recommended DWJ’s books several times and A Conspiracy of Kings is dedicated to DWJ because it was DWJ who introduced MWT to Greenwillow. But yes, even if you knew Howl, you’d still love Gen more. I’m so happy for Gen! I made this post to reinforce the idea that Gen is made of win.

    • LOL I know you voted for Howl and I understand that you love him more because you knew about him even before you knew about Gen. But I’m really glad at how the showdown turned out. I thought characters from the more popular series will make it to the final round.

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