Tuesday Links

Hey everyone, I’m excited about a couple of things this Tuesday morning. I thought I’d share them with all of you. First up, I just wanted to mention that I’m happy with how Filipino Book Bloggers is turning out. Basically, it’s a site that I created to bring all Filipino Book Bloggers together, no matter the location or the genre that they blog about. We have weekly blog-related discussions called Filipino Fridays. If you’re a Filipino book blogger, I hope you can join the fun.

Next, my favorite local bookstore, Fully Booked now has a resident blogger named Lucy and you can follow her blog, Lucy Loves Fully Booked.

I learned about the YA Fantasy Showdown from Angie. Basically, a group of bloggers will set up battles for YA fantasy characters and it’s up to all of us to vote. The battle starts August 10. Some of the characters in the line up include:

Katsa vs. Edward Cullen (we all know Katsa’s going to win this one)
Christopher Chant vs. Hermione Granger (can’t decide between these two!)
Westley vs. Eugenides (Gen for the win! No doubt about it!)
Valek vs. Aragorn (ooh tough choice, will probably choose Aragorn)
Alanna vs. Meliara (Mel is great but it’s obvious that she doesn’t have Alanna’s warrior skillz)

Janice of Janicu’s Book Blog has an excellent post about book recommendations from authors, which you can check out here. I love getting recommendations from my favorite authors. I first found out about Sherwood Smith and Megan Whalen Turner from Shannon Hale’s author interviews in her blog. I need to take note of the other books that Janice mentioned because there are some pretty good ones there.

Last but certainly not the least, there’s another snippet from Magic Slays over at Ilona Andrews’ blog. Yay for snippets! πŸ™‚

So there you have it, folks. Hope you enjoy browsing through these!

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Links

    • Those are the greats in YA fantasy but I don’t know all of them either so don’t worry, you’re not the only one. πŸ™‚ I love reading the battles though, they’re so funny.

      Thank you so much for the award, Tina! I’ll go check your post now. πŸ™‚

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