My Godson, Allen

Meet my one and only godson, four-year-old Allen:

I always give him books for birthdays and Christmases because he loves them. He already has The Enormous Turnip memorized. When he entered my room, he saw my bookshelf and exclaimed, “Wow, so many books!” So I asked him if he wanted me to take his picture with the books. He said yes and asked, “Do you have any children’s books in there?” Unfortunately, I said no. But I did find some of my old children’s books in another shelf and gave him a couple of those.

Here he is reading The Three Little Pigs, surrounded by his mom and other ninangs (godmothers):

He’s actually a very animated reader. I hope he keeps his love for reading as he grows older. He can expect to get more books from his Ninang Chachic in the future.


14 thoughts on “My Godson, Allen

  1. Thats so cute Chachic. I hope he keeps his passion for books too. Not many kids like to read. Be sure to let him know about this website when he’s old enough. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow! it reminds me my age then, also an animated reader. For sure he will move to drawings, focusing on arts, reciting poems, telling storys, reading biographys, or pursuing to be a lawyer someday.

  3. Carin, I’ll tell him but I’m sure he knows it already! LOL.

    Charlotte, I know! It’s so funny how excited he was when he saw all of the books.

    Ashley, I really hope so. It would be great if I can recommend middle grade and YA books to him later on.

    Aleli, show him the entry and just read it to him! πŸ™‚ I don’t know if he’ll find it hard to read because the text is quite small.

    Celina, I hope Rayray learns to love reading also! Wouldn’t be fun for him to be excited when he sees that you have a lot of books? πŸ˜›

    Po, yes, I have a feeling he’s going to tackle a variety of activities as he grows older!

  4. Steph, he really is cute! I love giving him books because I can see how excited he is when he receives them. Once you give him new books, he doesn’t want to let go of them. πŸ™‚

  5. Yes I do! You can’t actually see it in the picture but my current bookshelf has two layers of books on it, there’s a back layer with more books. I also have a huge box for my other books. I’d love to have one bookshelf that can fit all of my books but I haven’t found a nice one.

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