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Waiting on Wednesday: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. WoW posts are about books that you can’t wait to get your hands on. My WoW post for today is for Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. I recently read Shiver and I loved it. I did mention that I liked where Shiver ended so I wasn’t really excited to read Linger but after reading good reviews from both Angie and Lenore, I am now looking forward to this sequel.

Here’s the premise from Maggie Stiefvater’s website:


This is the story of a boy who used to be a wolf and a girl who was becoming one.

Just a few months ago, it was Sam who was the mythical creature. His was the disease we couldn’t cure. His was the good-bye that meant the most. He had the body that was a mystery, too strange and wonderful and terrifying to comprehend.

But now it is spring. With the heat, the remaining wolves will soon be falling out of their wolf pelts and back into their human bodies. Sam stays Sam, and Cole stays Cole, and it’s only me who’s not firmly in my own skin.

Doesn’t it look interesting? I want to find out what happens to Sam and Grace and all the rest of the characters. Linger is due out July 20. Maggie Stiefvater is holding a contest over at her blog. Anyone can join just by posting the lovely book trailer of Linger (made by Maggie) in your blog. Here’s the trailer:

How about you, what books are you waiting for this Wednesday?


Author: Chachic

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12 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

  1. I know people are waiting for this book. Enjoy!

  2. so many people have already read Shiver, I am unfortunately behind the time. I guess I have until July if it is as good as everyone says then I will be anxious to read this one too.

  3. Thanks Mary!

    Jan, I have a review of Shiver here if you want to check it out. It was already quite popular when I decided to read it. I’m glad I did because I ended up liking it.

  4. Cannot wait for this!

    Here’s my WoW for this week.

  5. Leanna, another Maggie Stiefvater fan! I’ll head on over to your blog to check out your WoW.

  6. I’ve heard so much about this book…this must be one good series!!

  7. Great pick, though I haven’t read her other book yet! My WOW is at The Crowded Leaf.

  8. I can’t wait to read this one either! Excellent choice:)

  9. Looking forward to reading books by this author as well!

    Our pick is at BookSake.

  10. Jill, you should give Maggie Stiefvater a try! This series is much more popular than her faerie books but those are just as good.

    Alayne, you mean Lament and Ballad? I actually read those first and I really liked them as well so I recommend that you give them a try.

    Wendy, I know there are a lot of us waiting for this to come out! 🙂

    Jessica, you should definitely read her books! I’ll check out your WoW in a bit.

  11. I enjoyed Shiver & look forward to reading Linger too. Isn’t that a beautiful trailer? Maggie is such a talented artist, musician, and author. Seriously, is there anything she CAN’T do?! 🙂

  12. Yes, it’s a beautiful trailer and Maggie made it on her own! I saw the trailer for Linger and I think it’s awesome as well. I know what you mean, she’s really talented! She came up with everything for that trailer – the book, the music, the artwork. I’m amazed.

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