Forbes Fictional 15

I heard about this on the morning radio show that I listen to (Good Times with Mo, Mojo and Grace Lee). Apparently, Forbes has a list of fictional rich guys. There are actually people out there who calculate fictional wealth. Here’s the direct Forbes link.

Guess who’s number one? I was actually quite surprised with this.

Carlisle Cullen
Net Worth: $34.1 billion
Source: Compound Interest, Long-term investments

Immortal vampire and small-town doctor has quietly amassed a fortune over the centuries. In 1670 received generous handout from Italian friends; put savings in bank, reaped billions in compound interest. Made shrewd long-term investments in steel, gold, oil, thanks to prescience of daughter turned financial advisor Alice; saw recessions coming, invested early in Wal-Mart. Earned doctor’s salary for 340 years without paying for groceries, health care expenses. Avoids sunshine and public displays of wealth but owns several valuable properties, including yacht, private island, collection of Renaissance art. New member.

And here’s the list from Wikipedia:

1 Carlisle Cullen
2 Scrooge McDuck
3 Richie Rich
4 Tony Stark
5 Jed Clampett
6 Adrian “Ozymandias” Veidt
7 Bruce Wayne
8 Tooth Fairy
9 Thurston Howell III
10 Sir Topham Hatt
11 Artemis Fowl II
12 C. Montgomery Burns
13 Chuck Bass
14 Jay Gatsby
15 Lucille Bluth

It’s funny that Artemis Fowl is in there. It reminded me that I haven’t read the latest Artemis Fowl book. Also, Chuck Bass! 🙂 I used to watch Gossip Girl but I stopped after the second season, it wasn’t interesting enough to hold my attention anymore.

So, what do you guys think of this list? Do you think someone else who isn’t there should be included?

8 thoughts on “Forbes Fictional 15

    • He’s not rich enough to compete with the other guys!

      Haha I know, the Cullens have that advantage over everyone else. I wonder why they still try to earn money when they clearly don’t need it anymore.

  1. Haha, love the list. Forbes has a sense of humor pala 😀

    Hey if it’s okay with you, I’ll put up your link on my site. 🙂 this is anne from goodreads, btw

    • I know, I thought they were really serious.

      Sure, go ahead. 🙂 I can put up your blog too if you want but I’m not sure whether I should put it under the personal sites or the book-related sites. What do you think?

      • It’s better if you put it under the personal sites. Thank you! and that’s thanks you too for making YA sound interesting again. I’m a harry potter fan but a book snob(never read twilight), which sounds phony if you profess to loving literature, right? I love reading your entries, keep it up!

      • All right, done! I put a link to your blog in there. 🙂

        I loved Harry Potter too! I think I got hooked in YA fantasy because of Harry Potter. Don’t worry, I think you just haven’t found the right books in YA to love. Hopefully you find something you like in the books that I review. 🙂

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