Once Upon A Time

I’ve never participated in a challenge before. I wanted to participate in the 2010 Author Debut challenge but I’m not sure if the books on that list will become available over here. The Once Upon A Time challenge seems more doable since I read mostly fantasy anyway. It looks like a lot fun! I found out about this from Chelle over at Tempting Persephone. Carl over at Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the challenge.

The fourth annual Once Upon a Time Challenge officially begins on Sunday, March 21st and ends June 20th. I chose the Quest the First option, which means I need to read at least five books that fit somewhere within the Once Upon a Time IV criteria. They might all be fantasy, or folklore, or fairy tales, or mythology…or a combination from the four genres.

Here are my possibles:

I already have some of the books in this pile of possibles but I’m still waiting for the others to be released. I’m really hoping they become available here.

12 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. Of those, I’ve read (and loved) the Tamora Pierce books* and the Esther Friesner ones. I don’t think I’ve read Enchanted Glass but I love Diana Wynne Jones and bet it is an awesome book.
    (These 4 books follow the Alanna series — have you read them? But a lot more worldbuilding and also grittier, I think.)

  2. Yay!
    So glad to see that you’re going to take part! And you have an awesome pool of books! I totally forgot about Diana Wynne Jones’ new book (which I want to read and should have included in my pool, too.)Can’t wait to read your thoughts on whichever books you read for the challenge!

  3. I’ve read the Alanna books and the books about her daughter, Aly. I like the books about Aly better, I think maybe because there’s more worldbuilding and political intrigue involved. I’ve been wanting to read the Protector of Small series but I didn’t want to start until I had the whole set.
    I’m looking forward to reading the Esther Friesner books! I’ve wanted to read them for the longest time and now I have copies. I’m a fan of Greek mythology and I like that she did a retelling of Helen of Troy. I also have Sphinx’s Princess, which is about Nefertiti, but I wasn’t able to include it in the picture.
    Enchanted Glass hasn’t come out yet, it’s release date is April 6.

  4. Re: Yay!
    Yay, I’m so excited too! Thanks for posting about this. 🙂 You could still add Enchanted Glass in your pool! I look forward to seeing your reviews too.

  5. How pretty they all look together! I loved Mistwood, enjoyed Enchanted Glass, was surprised by how much I liked Nobody’s Princess and Prize, and C. of K is of course a must read for MWT fans…and someday, so help me, I will read Tamora Pierce!
    I’m getting my own list of books together for this challenge–maybe it’s time for me to actually read one of hers…

  6. Pretty, yes! I love the beautiful covers. You’ve read Mistwood and Enchanted Glass! I envy you. I can’t wait for CoK, hopefully it gets here just a couple of days later than the 23rd.
    You have to read Tamora Pierce! A lot of people love the Alanna series but I like the one about her daughter, Aly better. She reminds me of Gen because she’s a spy, who learned her skillz from her reformed thief father. Plus she has a special relationship with her god too.
    I look forward to seeing your list of books for this challenge!

  7. Rap! Sorry it took so long for me to watch this, haha I kept loading it then I’d forget and close the browser. Cool video! I remember that there was a political ad from a foreign candidate, which followed the format of this video. Can’t remember exactly though.

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