Happy V-day!

I was having dinner with two friends yesterday and I was talking to my friend about choosing books. We’re both alike in the sense that when we like something, we get obsessive about it. So now, he’s on a book buying frenzy and he likes the same books that I do, which is YA fantasy. Anyway, I was telling him that he should read the books that he has now in order to figure out what he really likes and use that as the basis in choosing the books that he’ll buy in the future. I told him that I’ve made a lot of mistakes before – reading books that I didn’t really like and that it takes time and effort to find out the ones that you like.

The whole time I was speaking, our other friend was just smiling and laughing to her herself. When we asked her why, she said “You do realize that what you said about choosing books can be applied to boys as well?” I did a mental rewind and realized that she’s right! Boys and books – same theory applies when choosing. 🙂

But then again, who are we to talk about love when we’re all single? Happy Valentine’s Day, folks!

3 thoughts on “Happy V-day!

  1. Hahaha cougar mode? My entry before this is about literary couples and most of the guys there are my literary crushes! Oh, if only those boys were real.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Iskra! 🙂

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