Man of My Fiction

I think one of the main reasons why I love reading YA (young adult) so much is because of the kilig factor. You know, the feeling that you used to get back when you were a teenager and you start to realize that you like someone (and if you’re lucky, that person likes you back). And everything that person does has an impact on you – a look, a smile, a gesture can represent so many different things. YA romances lets you relive those moments for yourselves. I think this is also one of the reasons why Twilight is such a big hit. I remember I have an icon somewhere that says “Bella Swan – most envied fictional character since Elizabeth Bennett”.

I am not immune to the charms of fictional guys and I have a few crushes of my own. Here are a couple of examples and some excerpts from the books to show why I like them so much♥ (these excerpts do not sum up these characters so I highly recommend that you read the books):

Marcus Flutie from the Jessica Darling series (Megan McCafferty)
He looked straight at me, then stripped off the button-down he was wearing, under which, he was wearing a passion-red T-shirt that said: YOU. YES. YOU. Then he strummed the guitar and began singing his song for me. Yes. Me.

Eugenides from The Thief, Queen of Attolia, King of Attolia (Megan Whalen Turner)
Unable to guess the answer, she asked, “Who am I, that you should love me?”
“You are My Queen,” said Eugenides. She sat perfectly still, looking at him without moving as his words dropped like water into dry earth.

Vidanric from Crown Duel (Sherwood Smith)
“How about a wager”
“A wager?” I repeated.
“Yes,” he said, and gave me a slow smile, bright with challenge. “Who reaches Jeriab’s Broken Shield in Lumm first.”
“Stake?” I asked cautiously.
He was still smiling, an odd sort of smile, hard to define. “A kiss.”

I couldn’t choose an excerpt for the other characters so here’s the rest of the list:
Po from Graceling (Kristin Cashore)
Corlath from The Blue Sword (Robin McKinley)
Geric from Goose Girl (Shannon Hale)
Charmonte from Ella Enchanted (Gail Carson Levine)
Lord Death from Keturah and Lord Death (Martine Leavitt)
Tristan from Stardust (Neil Gaiman)

You know that phrase “man of my dreams”? I think in my case it should be “man of my fiction” hahaha. So who’s your fictional crush? πŸ˜›

18 thoughts on “Man of My Fiction

  1. I also like Geric =)
    Mr. Darcy, of course. and Laurent/Laurie from Little Women is my first fictional crush ❀
    Aragorn from Lord of the Rings – I find him very masculine. weird ba?
    Sa Harry Potter, I like the twins.. πŸ™‚
    Ooh and I want to find a guy like Michael in the Princess Diaries, smart brooding pero nasa loob yung kulo.. haha

  2. Mr. Darcy is a given. Oooh I forgot about Laurie! I like him, too. But I wanted him to end up with Jo and not Amy.
    Yes to Aragorn too. πŸ™‚ I never read the Princess Diaries.

  3. Princess Diaries is my book whenever I wait for my ride hahaha πŸ™‚ I only have one copy, I’ve read the rest of the series in Powerbooks hahaha

  4. Hahaha I have no plans of reading that book.
    Hey finish reading The Hero and the Crown. Then you can move on to The Blue Sword, the setting of those two are the same but they’re 500 years apart.

  5. I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice (or really, any Jane Austen novel for that matter) so I don’t know why there’s a huge fuss over Mr. Darcy (even spawning various modern spin-offs of the original novel.
    Haha, I just realized that I don’t really have a fictional literary crush. Maybe some characters from some comics, but it’s really a combination of art and writing. :)) Walang purely dahil sa writing lang.

  6. Even if you do read Pride and Prejudice, I don’t think you’d still understand because you’re a guy. Although I have this guy friend who has a crush on Elizabeth Bennett.
    Haha iba na if it’s art and writing kasi the art already shows you how the character looks like, not up to your own imagination.

  7. Haha. Pero well, I like them because of their characterization rin naman. Ngkataon lang rin na I like the art as well (kasi marami rin namang well-drawn characters na hindi ko nagugustuhan).

  8. Chachic! How are you? The book blockade already ended πŸ™‚
    I can’t believe it but I read the Shopaholic Series. And because of this, I’m adding Luke Brandon in my literary crushes. He’s a successful entrepreneur, and apparently handsome. He sees her potential even when she’s ditzy and flaky.

  9. Haha hindi ba sumakit ulo mo sa Shopaholic? Parang nakakatunaw ng utak. And knowing how kuripot you are, I bet nanghinayang ka sa shopping!
    Anyway, okay naman ako. πŸ™‚ Have you read my recent posts? I try to update once in a while.

  10. sobra! everytime she buys, i want to scream, Stop shopping, you don’t need that!!!
    I’ve seen your posts, I’m more interested in your food trips! =) Wolfgang Puck! Oooh!!!!

  11. Haha I don’t even know who Wolfgang Puck is except that he’s a famous chef. I didn’t go in that restaurant. I just took a picture while passing by.
    But I have eaten a lot of good food because my relatives are such food snobs (probably comes from having a world-famous pastry chef in the family) so it’s all good. πŸ™‚ I’ve been to a fancy restaurant and the food’s really good and you get full even if the servings are small.

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